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Water Tower Berdorf (LU)

An educational outing in Luxembourg? That can!

This #watertower is 15 floors high.

The tower is located in Berdorf, Luxembourg.

Not that I never take such pictures (just look at my photos of the watchtower in Schwarzwald ), but I had to do this anyway @Mevrouw Dot.. thinking. #vandeanedededge

Water is located in the (almost) upper floors!
Imposing structure I like it!

With an elevator, you can go to the 15th floor, from where you can explore the landscape far.

Then take the elevator to the 10th floor, to see an exhibition of the tower and water there.
I found that very interesting.!

From the tenth floor, choose whether to take the elevator or stairs.

Tip: If you like themed creations, go by stairs. There's a lot of fun to see on every floor up to and including you're on the ground floor. This for example.


In addition to the tower, there are two water play machines. There is also a two-seater wooden.. eh.. sofa, overlooking the tower.

In my opinion, it's fun for young and old.!

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