Have you written a review? Share it on Google! Z

Have you written a review? Share it on Google!

What is a #review?

A review is an (honest) opinion about a particular spot, company or event (festival, concert, etc.).
It could be a recommendation. Did you like the food in a certain restaurant? Was the amusement park fun, or do you have complaints about your visit?

Why would you want to do that?

  • Businesses and organizations like reviews. Provided they are honest (and preferably positive).
  • People who are looking for reviews about a particular campsite, for example, might come across your review.
    (Which you might have written on Yoors... hint)

How do you do that?

  1. You search the relevant subject, via Google. For example, a restaurant, or a campsite, or an amusement park, webshop, Yoors , and so on;
  2. You write a review, for example on Yoors ;

  3. If there is a website from it, Google will most likely show such a framework with it. Click on “Write a review” (in the image below - which serves only as an example -points out the red arrow on the button);
  4. A small screen opens. Specify the desired number of stars;
  5. Post a short introduction and then the link to your article;

  6. You could upload a photo with it;
  7. Click on “Post”.

Can you change a review?

Yes. Afterwards, you can change a review by clicking on the “Edit your review” button.

Photo in header by Rawpixel on Unsplash.