Colorize object and background differently in Paint dot NET

For this manual are required:

  • The program Paint dot NET
  • Plugins
    - Red Ochre
    - Van der Motten
  • A .png (image without background)

The original image is from @Encaustichris . Of that I first removed the background, so I only left the elephant..
Then I did the following:

  1. Open Paint point NET
  2. Open the .png
  3. Choose tool “Magic Wand”
  4. Select the background
  5. Hold down CTRL and click on the letter “i”
  6. Then the object is selected, instead of the background
  7. Click on “Effects”
  8. A menu pops up. Choose “Color”
  9. Click on “Psychocolour”
  10. Shift bar to your liking. Use the arrows to choose more accurate
  11. Satisfied? Click “OK”
  12. Hold down CTRL and click on the letter “i”
  13. Then the background is selected
  14. Click on “Effects”
  15. A menu pops up. Choose “Generate”
  16. A submenu pops up. Choose “Gradient”
  17. Determine which colors will get the corners
  18. Pleased? Click “OK”

  19. Save as (choose extension .jpg or .png)

For clarification, I made a video .

The English version status on YouTube , the English language in this post.

Included also 2 other results.

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Video-edit in Windows Video Editor
Music (chosen in WVE): "Vrolijk ritme".