Mini-Shoplog Villach

There I was, on the Gerlitzen , without headgear, nor sunscreen. Not counting on needing that.
Because until then, no sun hat stood me. There was a hat in our car, but it didn't look like it. I was burned in no time. You could see that in my blog.

Shopping in Villach

During the summer holidays 2020 in Austria, it rained a few days in a row. The boredom threatened to strike in the family. So we went shopping. Just off the campsite.

Villach is home to many shops (including an Action, New Yorker, KIK-IK-IK-IPS) and there is a large shopping centre with free parking at the Interspar (2020).
Last year I found the “Y” of Yoors on a t-shirt (not my size) and I didn't buy anything.
This summer I spontaneously succeeded, for what I could use about clothes and accessories. When I'm looking, I can't find what I want. Spontaneously works much better!

For example, I saw a hat hanging to my liking in a shop with typical Austrian costume (lederhosen, dirndldresses). 'Better late than never' case!
On the front, the hat has a wide brim, on the back none. There's a blue ribbon tied around it. And I'm not ashamed of it. Finally!
(Yes, I know, it's about protection, but so far I didn't like it all.)
It's a straw hat of Italian origin. Bella!

Also in Villach I bought two cotton blouses and two shirts. In the pictures you can see the hat, which shirts and a blouse. I don't have a picture of the other blouse yet.

When we drove out of the shopping center, it was dry. After that we are delicious Eating ice cream in Arnoldstein .

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