Paragliding in Austria

For those who ever want to paraglide in Austria, the Gerlitzen is highly recommended.
On that mountain, a number of companies offer this.

There's a lot to look at.
An expensive training and materials.
First make an appointment on time.
In 2020, this experience cost about 120 euros.

When it's your turn you get a decent backpack from the pilot and quite a bit of explanation what the intention is to make it run smoothly.
First you run and suddenly you go up in the air! Then you sit down, as it were, on that backpack (which you still have on). The pilot is right behind you.
If the thermals are good, you can get high. About 20 to 30 minutes you keep floating over mountain and valley.
The landing seems to be quite smooth.
From below you take - at your own expense - the two cable cars back up (in 2020 it cost about 20 euros).

How it was?

Well, I really didn't go with you!
It's really nice to see all those paragliders leave. And how they help each other if the wires of a chute get mixed up.
I filmed my daring!
Fortunately, because his pilot's camera broke down. Otherwise images were also taken by him on the way.

Want to know more about the Gerlitzen and/or Austria?

See the posts that are linked below the video.

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