Virtual tour of Norway

In June 2008, I was in Norway for the first time with my family. Afterwards I made a video of everything we had filmed on the spot.

Do not scare!

The video I put together at the time lasts one hour.
Rest assured, I shortened it to about 10 minutes. That makes this the longest video I posted directly on Yoors so far (and there are best already some ).

So.... are you curious?

Grab a drink (own expense) and sit relaxed for it.
Have a lot of fun while viewing!

In this video you can see (in random order):

• Prekestolen, a rock pillar twice as high as the Eiffel Tower of Paris (France). On top of the flat top one can sit to gaze over the fjord
Lysefjord That's the name of the fjord at the Prekestolen
• Trollstigen, the country's most famous mountain pass passing a high waterfall
• Another mountain pass, which is much harder to ride than the Trollstigen.
• The Laerdal tunnel , which is about 25 km. tall
• Driving between mountain peaks and snow landscapes with ice lakes
• Saga pillar
Stave Church to Lom. The outside of it
• Latefoxen, a waterfall that flows under a road
• A few other large waterfall len
Jostedalsbreen , a glimpse of the largest glacier on mainland Europe
• Oslo:
- The National Theatre Building
- Bigdoy, the peninsula
- A ferry, which also counts as public transport there
- Camping Ekeberg. Where to see is that around midnight it only twilight (then).
Geirangerfjord , both from the campsite on the water and a boat trip through the fjord.
Here again you can see a number of waterfalls, including the “Seven Sisters”. So there are 7 right next to each other. The fjord seems small from the side at first, but when you see a cruise ship you realize how big it is.

Blue text is clickable.

Music in this video: “Starshine” (from Windows Video Editor).

Have you ever been to Norway?

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