Encaustichris falls off, part one.

Thanks to @DiaantjesLife for the inspiration and much needed motivation!

Diaantje wrote a beautiful post about her desire to lose weight, and I enthusiastically joined her. Together you're stronger, aren't you?

I too can use a stick behind the door, and so I also make a post about progress with some (on-) regularity.

I'm going to stand on the scale tomorrow morning, I just dusted it off (saves a little weight again).

Four years ago, I was about 25 kilos lighter than I am now, by exercising a lot of sports and paying attention to my diet.

Then some things happened that made me less exercise, and I got dengue.

Result: no more puf/motivation to go to the gym.

Add to that that I always get sick when I go to the gym (no joke!) and you've got the dolls dancing.

Anyway, too heavy. Consequent: protesting, already bad, knees.

The doctor can operate on me, but if I don't waste the problem will probably come back.

I hate my belly, and because of that, I'm very good at dodging mirrors.

My trap: chocolate!

I like it at any time of the day, and it never makes me sick.

In addition, I am an emotion/bore-eater.

So: the button goes over!

Starting today, Chris is going to lose weight. Not in the gym, but more hiking, and less chocolate!

And of course more fruit, and maybe writing down what I eat, that helped last time.

Do you have any tips? Are you in?

Tips can you say below, do you participate, and do you want to write about it? Like, together we are stronger and motivate each other!

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