Ever in Amsterdam


@NOOS Happy Words came up with the challenge below and how I'm going to accomplish every day I don't know, but what I do know is that I can meet the first day. So this is my first contribution in this Yoors World trip, because once I went to Amsterdam....

In 2015 I went to Amsterdam with my daughter for a day. It was my daughter's idea to cheer me up, because at that time I was sick and regularly sat in the wheelchair. Walking then did not go well, because I was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, that's over, but I certainly have some nice memories of this day.

I didn't take a lot of pictures then and also had to dig deep into my photo storage to find them. With the pictures that have been taken, I will briefly tell you what. We went by train at that time and then I discovered how bad the Netherlands copes with people in a wheelchair on the train.


My daughter was still studying for a nurse at the time and she thought it would be nice to go to Body Worlds. We were allowed inside unfortunately no pictures and it was also not accessible for wheelchairs....

Fortunately I could walk, but it just took me a lot of effort and pain, but of course I went with my daughter.

It was quite impressive to see how the human body looks without the skin. I thought it was very interesting and I am glad that I continued.

When you go out, you could get a ticket. Of course, you didn't see which one you grabbed, because they were up with the text “Your Hapiness Project”.

My line was “Sing a song tonight when you come home”.

Of course I did, because I certainly came home very happy and happy.


Of course also on 'the Dam' and there this picture was taken. Unfortunately we couldn't go through the whole of Amsterdam, because Amsterdam was not exactly wheelchair accessible.

My daughter had to push hard every now and then and that wasn't just because of my weight hahaha.

What I also loved were the 'street artists' and for a fee, you could take them in the picture.

Believe they're students, who earn an extra penny in that way.

Well, you know me well by now and of course this figure appealed to me and I couldn't resist having a crazy picture taken by my daughter.

Back then red hair, but already clearly black clothes as a favorite. The poncho I wear, by the way, I have crocheted myself. In that period I hooked a lot. Also then I was active for Stichting Roparun and hooked many things I sold and the proceeds of course went to this whole charity.

This is the last picture of my Yoors World Trip, day 1!

The next trip goes to Paris and I've been there, but I don't have any pictures of. They were made at the time by a former boyfriend.... but I'm going to make my brain work how to put this into a fun story 😉