Everybody needs a travelling companion

Sorry I haven't really uploaded recently! I've been very busy.

Today I wanted to write about my dog, Elsi. She is very special to me and I'd like to introduce you guys to her!

We aren't exactly sure what breed she is.. Something like a Jack Russell, Terrier, Dalmatian mix!

Anyway, we got her when we moved to Kenya!

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This lady moved back to Germany and needed a new home for her 8 year old dog.

For 12 years straight I had already been begging my parents for a dog. But my parents were very anti-pet, since our homes weren't always very big.

One day my dad called us all together and told us he found a dog that would suit our family, I was extremely happy.

Elsi is a very sweet dog and she loves to cuddle. When you don't give her enough attention, she puts her paw and you!

As you can see, me writing a blog = not enough attention for her:

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As you may have heard, Obama is currently in ken right now! half of the roads in Nairobi are closed, so I have nowhere to go!!

As soon as something interesting will happen I'll keep you guys updated!

Big kiss from Elsi and me!Image title