F I R E Movement

In other words, F = Financial, I = Independent, R = Retire, E= Early.
That means the abbreviation. I had already read more about it and I recognized myself in it. Last Sunday at WNL on Sunday it was explained again. And I said to my husband, “This is what I had in my head in the 90s of the last century.” 'Well, he said, unfortunately something came up. ' And that was true, he got bladder cancer, and then the rose smell and moonshine picture suddenly turns out different. The future stands still. Luckily he's cured. But retiring earlier stayed in my head. 40 years of wage slaves is more than enough, 45 years on the verge. Longer no one should want. Unless you're a work-addict. I quit working three years earlier than my original retirement age and hubby is going to do the same.. Has it cost sacrifices. Well, not really. We live as we like it. Sober, not every season a new clothing collection. Do not buy superfluous food that enters the container. They are small adjustments, with great results. On Wikipedia I found more explanation. Enjoy. #pension https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIRE_movement “Click on the link if the tile is not visible”.