Are you unexpectedly tagged with many others in a message?

On Facebook you can see with some regularity that someone with about 90 others is tagged in a message.
I could, but most of the time it's a suspicious link.
In the attached example it concerns something about some well-known Dutchman and another time it is claimed that you can see how many times your profile has been viewed.

Many who are 'curious' about that will probably click on it.

How do you know if a message, in which you have been tagged with many others, is not 'good'?

  • The link mentioned shows that it does not have a 'continuous url'. (See the following example, in grey, just above the title of the message.)
  • Under such a message there is a reaction that seems to come from the locker (who knows nothing about it himself! And sometimes it doesn't look itself when you draw attention to it). Something you (most likely) are not used to from them.
    The reaction shown in the following example has been placed more refined. “Sorry for the tags” makes it more likely that it would have been placed by them. But if you read beyond that, perhaps you can conclude from that that it is not the person.

What can you do if you see a message like that?

  • Do not click on the link, because the same will happen to your account. On your behalf, such a message will be posted and in it you will tag a lot of connections again. Which could then fall for it as well.
  • Point to them in a personal message.
  • Post a comment under the message and warn people not to click on the link.
  • If in doubt of those questions, via a personal message.

What can you do if you yourself supposedly posted such a message?

Once someone notifies you, change your password and try to remove the message.
Don't you see it for yourself? Ask someone for the link to that post on your timeline. (So not the link mentioned in the post!!)

Attaching tips may also be useful to know.

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