Fake mail again

That sometimes an email doesn't arrive, for example because the recipient's email address does not (anymore) exist or their inbox is overcrowded,
a la bonheur.

But if you haven't sent anything and still get an email that it hasn't arrived, there's probably something else going on.

When I point to the “attachment” with the mouse (so NOT click on that file!!) it says: “You have an outstanding payment. Debt settlement requireseml”
Well I haven't sent anyone like that, why should I. I also have no outstanding payment!

So go in the trash with that email.

The only thing I found about it on Google was that people asked how to fix failed email. The email address in the message was also Googled. But then Google issued a warning and asked if I want to visit that site. Not so, huh!

I find this one even more interesting than the previous ones. Because many people will probably click on the attachment anyway. Not intended.
(The intention, but better not!!)