Family photo shoot 2015

Hello Yoors family it has been a while!
I am trying to drop by more often, but admit that sometimes I find it hard to fit everything into one day.

Those who have been around here for a while, will remember that I spoke about losing my dad to cancer in 2016, the year before we decided to do a family photo shoot. My parents, us 3 daughters, our husbands and our kids.

It was an incredibly hot day, we all wore something blue, because the colour blue corresponds with colon cancer.

I love these photos, not only because it was taken exactly a year before the day he passed, but because despite the heat, despite cancer, we all had a lot of fun with it.

I have a few photos from this shoot that are my favourites, but after reading Babita's post of photo bombing, I was reminded of this particular photo. Okay, so it wasn't a person that photo bombed this photo shoot, but rather an object.

It was meant to be a casual photo, but my youngest (and craziest) sister decided to shove her sons dummy into my mouth. Of course there was a whole lot of laughter before we could compose ourselves again.

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