Farewell to 2020

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#oudjaarsdag upon #dagopvangdenostalgie . Our most clients with #dementie are just sitting in their bed tonight at the New Year's Eve. For years on New Year's Eve we toast the old year with oil balls and champagne. But it's not that far. At 5:45, my alarm clock goes. Take a shower, prepare bread and eat and go to Nostalgia, where we meet with a cup of tea or coffee, how we're going to do it today, who's driving, who's co-driver, who does the medication, who cooks, who bakes the oil bulbs, who goes in the living room? My job for today is to share the medication and this afternoon driver on the small bus. Some more administration (is always my job) and help.
The big bus was on the road a little longer, because someone had fallen into the house and they had to call the family. And then you stay with the client until the family comes. Fortunately, this client was brought later, when he was gained from the fright.
Everyone back at the Nostalgia we drink coffee and tea and a delicious cream ball! Then gym done. New Year's gym, we were fireworks and pops, asterisks. In the meantime, oil bulbs were already baked, so they were asked to taste, the clients were hungry. So they all got an oil bulb and powdered sugar. Glass of juice and we went to play letterbingo. Then we call a letter, eg the P. Then you see if it's on your card and then we have a question that goes with it, name as many vegetables as possible with a P. Is a heavy activity, they have to search the letter on the bingo card and also think about the question.
But the food is ready, we eat stir-fried chicory in basil sauce, potatoes, meatball and dessert after!
One closes his eyes, the other is watching a DVD on TV about the Netherlands in the 1950s.
We're saying good-bye to Tineke. In the beginning of the Coronatijd, the KLM had an action. Blue Helps. Because there was no flight, the KLM employees had no work and they could sign up to work as a volunteer somewhere. So we had given up, and we had left two volunteers. Meanwhile, flying is getting more and Tineke is going to learn to speak and write Japanese (I think that's pretty good), and wants to focus on that. But it leaves us.
She got a Nostalgia pillow and a sweet card from all of us!! Too bad she's leaving, she had the feeling!!
Meanwhile, the bottles of Champagne were opened and they came in nice champagne glasses with an oil ball on a saucer. We have done 2020 and welcomed 2021. And with Abba's song Happy New Yeat in the background, everyone enjoyed the champagne and oil ball (s).
OP to next year! Do I have to wait that long? No is Monday again! Oh, happy! Can't do so well without you!❤️