Favorites color (s)

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I was working on Diamond Painting yesterday and was picking out colors for a paper mâché figure to be pasted. At that time I came up with this blog/ challenge and find it fit into the pool #whatis

What is or what are your favorite colors?

I'll start 😊

Personally, I am someone who has two sides in terms of colors. As far as clothing is concerned, I am really a 50 shades of black person. My wardrobe contains almost only black clothes. I just think it's an easy color and you can combine it with anything and dress off so nice 😉 Feel good in that color and my husband thinks the same way. Very easy to do laundry also 😉 Of course also black shoes #whatelse

Our interior is also very tuned to our style of clothing. We mainly have black furniture and as accent color we chose red. So our sofa is nice red and I was immediately in love with that color fabric when we went to buy it. Peter would have preferred gray/black, but I just used my charms and it turned into a red bank anyway. Now that he's in our cottage, he's quite happy about it!

Still, I definitely have other favorite colors as well. For example, I always get happy with the colors orange and yellow. If I'm going to draw something, I will soon color in those shades. As far as flowers are concerned, I always buy that color. My favorite butterfly is a Monarch butterfly or at least butterflies in the same colors. Those are orange shades, too, and I even have a tattoo with a butterfly on my arm.

For my work, unfortunately I always have to put on white sweaters and I really hate that! It fits my work, of course, but I just don't like it. Mandatory must therefore underneath underneath (pffff sometimes very warm), because otherwise it can shine through and that is not representative...

Now I am very curious if you have a favorite color and if you can see it in your clothing style and/or interior 🌈