New Pool Challenge: What is your favourite snack?

Go look inside your kitchen cupboards or under your bed (where i keep mine for safety reasons 😂)

  1. Take a picture of your #favouritesnack. This must be a snack you snack on regularly.
  2. Write a short/long story on why this is your favourite snack.
  3. Participate in the pool #favouritesnack
  4. (OPTIONAL) Give us a tip or trick you learned while consuming or preparing your favourite snack. It's so fun to learn how others prepare their food and how it can be done differently. Who knows you will convert someone else to share the same favourite snack as you do.
  5. Be creative

Here goes my own contribution!

My guilty pleasure: Ramen & Instant Noodles

I love noodles way too much. That much that I would definitely tuck it into bed (right before I devour it ofcourse) 😅. The amount of noodles I reel into my shopping cart has sparked the attention of many eyes of ongoers in the supermarket.

Noodle shopper ease
I guess the supermarket staff where I shop, knows that I am a frequent noodle shopper too, so they put all the noodles in the front of the store for my ease. I find this extremely attentive and kind of them as i don't need to traverse the rest of the store at all. I go straight to the register. I have to be early though... Usually this section of the store is completely raided , due to corona I presume.

Some people would say this is not a snack, but a meal. Judging by the amount of times I eat mine, it is definitely a snack in my dictionary. They say ramen or noodles are not to be consumed everyday as it contains a lot of salt and no good nutrients, but if you add a few vegetables and/or meat to it, you can convert it into a full-blown meal and take advantage of the situation.

Sometimes I like to be fancy and I use chopsticks, but sometimes ain't nobody got time for that, i just eat it with a fork and chug it down.

Handy tip
Next to that I've learned a neat trick. From binge watching korean video's I've learned a very tasty way to prepare noodles!

- Fry, boil or crack an egg into indomie instant noodles.
- After that add 1 cheddar cheese slice in it (American cheddar cheese slices).
- Add some spring onions and black sesame seeds to taste.
- Sprinkle some red chili flakes if you like it spicy.
- Microwave it for 30-45 seconds and it will melt the cheese. You will love this.