Finally time for my babies.

#whatis Unfortunately little chance, sense and time had for my biggest hobby photography. But last week I took my camera out of the bag and put it on the closet.
The day later I saw this beauty sitting on the window frame.
Let's face it, a beautiful creature you can only dream of. Some in a different way.

This is a Green hunting spider (Micrommata virescens) a regular spider that also occurs in the Netherlands. Small creature actually, this one was about a centimeter tall, it is a female and in spiders the females are generally larger to much larger than males, sometimes they even seem to be 2 different species.

But what is a spider anyway?
Not an insect as many people think. Insects have 6 legs and spiders 8.
They fall under the arthropods, which is usually also good seeing.
There are a lot of spider species, probably more than 50,000.
In the Netherlands come about 700!!! Types for. That is a lot and there are lots of spiders, there are really a lot of spiders in your garden and house, much more than you think and see.
All spiders are carnivores and catch prey, many species build a net, or dig in and wait, while others actively hunt.

Except in very cold areas, spiders are found all over the world, they travel with them or can even float on cobwebs.

Just assume where people live, are almost always spiders.
Some of them are toxic to even deadly, but these species are not normally found in Europe.
Spiders always have 8 legs and sitting at the front part of their body, the body always consists of 2 parts.
Most species have 8 eyes.
Often they have camouflage colors and do not stand out, there are also species that can change colors, this usually goes very slowly and can last up to 3 weeks.

Spiders are a favorite thing for birds, when a great tit sits near your window, it's usually to catch spiders.

Pictures taken with Olympus OM-D E-M10 MARK II with 30 mm macro lens