Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

As part of its worldwide movement Believing is Magic La Magia de Creer, in Spanish for the Qatar Football World Cup, Coca-Cola has combined forces with multi-award-winning global Latin music icon Ozuna, to bring sports followers in Puerto Rico the knowledge of being able to attach even more to the act of the tournament.

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Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

All through the collaboration among Coca-Cola, FIFA’s official supporter, and the Puerto Rican star, a special project devoted to Puerto Rico is being added to a restricted edition of collectable cans created with the banners of some of the countries joining in the tournament this year. Though Puerto Rico does not have a squad in the tournament, the 2x Latin Grammy winner is indicative of the Island with his music thanks to Arhbo, a song in partnership with Gims, which is part of the official album of the Football World Cup 2022.

Hence the creativity to involve a singular design with the Puerto Rican flag and the current bear, which has been Ozuna’s identical hallmark since his musical started. In total, this incomplete edition of Coca-Cola cans will include 14 designs that can be bought in stores where the product is sold through the Island, from October 25th to December 18th.

Connecting Puerto Ricans with the magic of the Qatar Football World Cup is part of our responsibility to bring our populations closer to great events such as the most crucial soccer event in the world, states Pablo Rodriguez, vice chief, and general manager of Coca-Cola Puerto Rico. We are very thrilled about this partnership with Ozuna, which not only consists of campaigns designed for the enjoyment of soccer admirers but also to support the growth and concern in this sport on the Island.

The program also contains store displays and a unique promotion to bring the magic of the Football World Cup to Puerto Rican homes. This comprises a QR code on the Coca-Cola/Ozuna 12 oz and 10 oz that can be checked for a chance to win a home theatre and experience the tournament in the ease of home with friends and family.

The collective effort will include a special video of Ozuna chasing his childhood dreams, encouraged by the magic of Coca-Cola. The battle will have marketing support in movie theatres, outdoor billboards, TV, and social media.

“I feel very pleased with this partnership with Coca-Cola and to be able to participate in some way to continue promoting interest in the sport of soccer in Puerto Rico. Being part of the Football World Cup soundtrack is somewhat very special for me. I never fictional that I could go so far with my music,” adds Ozuna.

Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

Ozuna, in addition to standing out today as one of the most heard Latin stars in the world, upholds a firm promise to support programs that encourage social, educational, and cultural growth among children and youth. For this reason, and as part of the creativities contemplated within the Coca-Cola Believing is Magic campaign in Puerto Rico, the artist and Coca-Cola will be giving $50,000.

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Believing is Magic, creativity with which Coca-Cola rejoices the most significant soccer event in the world, is based on Coca-Cola’s worldwide brand philosophy and the Real Magic platform, with the drive of providing multiple chances for football admirers, most of whom cannot travel to Qatar, to attach straight from their homes to the Tournament beforehand, throughout and after the Cup, and knowledge the magic of trusting.

Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

The Coca-Cola Company has a long-standing association with FIFA go out back to 1974 and has been an official supporter of the Football World Cup since 1978.

How Should Global Brands Engage Gen Z Throughout the Football World Cup?

Take the chance to attach with your Gen Z audience during big events. Learn more from a skilled gaming and sports marketing approach. In the United States (US), search attention in the Super Bowl barbs every January, so Americans can be excused for wrongly thinking that it represents the largest sporting event for football supporters.

However, global, football supporters are what Americans might call soccer admirers, and search attention in the Football World Cup is seven to eight times more than the Super Bowl. Normally, search for interest in the Football World Cup mountains in June every four years. But the Football World Cup in Qatar kicks off on November 20 and will be performed until December 18.

Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

This rare shift from its normal slot is taken in the YouTube video, Qatar Football World Cup: Jon Hamm as Santa Claus becomes his holiday cut short So, with the biggest worldwide sporting event just around the corner, digital marketers in the U.S. may need to manipulate their holiday plans to take benefit of the biggest marketing chance for international brands.

The demographic that many marketers are trying to reach continues to be Gen Z. Agreeing to a recent survey performed by Emory University, only 23% of Gen Z claim to be enthusiastic sports followers. Think about this, brands are seeking ways to satisfy a younger generation’s desire for immersive, community-driven events. Brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, and U.S. Soccer are all storming up their promotional endeavours targeted toward the youthful audience.

Football World Cup: Coca-Cola introduces Ozuna-inspired Qatar Football World Cup can

So, as the Football World Cup inches nearer, how should other worldwide brands use digital marketing to engage Gen Z during the holiday shopping period this year? To answer this question, I questioned Kevin Kim, the CEO, and co-founder of Stadium Live Studios, and skilled in gaming and sports marketing methodology. He’s worked closely on products thrown toward the way Gen Z consumes media.

Stadium Live, a digital park that has gamified sports fandom, recently received investments from NBA star Kevin Durant, French Football player Blaise Matuidi, and Dapper Labs Ventures. Below are my questions about marketing trends and brand tactics behind targeting Gen Z, and Kim’s answers, which provide real-world insights from discussions he’s having with his team up around this topic.

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