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Yoors resume, for new and recurring Yoors members

Since Yoors has made quite a few developments over the course of time, it seems to be a bit overwhelming for new and returning members. What can be done? How does that work?


On this blog platform, called Yoors, you can post lots of things. For example, a photo, story, poem or blog, in short many kinds. In a short post, or in a more extensive post. Explanation: https://yoo.rs/nl/tipsvaningrid/blog/making-mail-on-yoors-en-1581970204.html  In addition, you can respond to (other people's) posts and comments.
You can also reward posts and comments by giving a heart.More info: https://yoo.rs/nl/babita.de.boer/quickpost/yls-give-a-as-a-gift-en-1584334202.html Your own posts and comments can also be rewarded.

There are more ways to earn and spend YoorsPoints. For more information about that, go to: https://yoo.rs/nl/tipsvaningrid/blog/yorigins-how-can-you-earn-them-and-get-them-paid-out-en-1602081003.html

What can you do with posts on Yoors:

* Polish

A pool is a kind of contest. Make a post on a particular topic and get a chance to win (part of) the contents of what is in the pot that day. (At 100 participants the winner gets 100%)
Read more about it here. https://yoo.rs/nl/babita.de.boer/blog/yoorsupdate-yoors-pools-a-chance-to-win-free-yp-in-bulk-each-day-1596980939.html

Nowadays there are so-called boosters. They give extra points on hearts (under posts and comments). You can receive them and distribute them yourself (to one or more Year members, or to all Year members, possibly with the condition that a post must participate in a pool chosen by you). About boosters you can watch a useful video. See this post: https://yoo.rs/nl/034ef54e23af1962a881e70feae72371/blog/yoorsboosters-yoors-boosters-video-tutorial-1600857595.html

This is new, since april 12th. 2021:

Together we keep Yoors clean
You can also report copied content or misconduct. That will cost you 50 Yoorspoints, but if your report is correct, you'll receive it back. More about that:

By the way:
Rewarding Pageviews and Supporterviews was abolished by the end of 2020.

See further:

How to start as a new Yoorsmember: https://yoo.rs/nl/tipsvaningrid/blog/how-do-you-start-as-a-new-yoorslid-en-1584705603.html?Ysid=8138
Overview with all kinds of explanations: https://yoo.rs/nl/tipsvaningrid/blog/explanation-yoors-table-of-contents-en-1582741503.html
The Yoors signpost: https://yoo.rs/nl/henkjan.de-krijger/blog/yoors-signpost-en-1586724002.html
Terms of Yoors: https://yoo.rs/nl/henkjan.de-krijger/blog/terms-conditions-yoors-terms-of-service-privacy-en-1581626403.html

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