Free writing 23-02-2021

I'm not that active at the moment on Yoors. Mom has had a hard week after the news that she has been treated with her kidneys and has now resumed emotionally and is currently in the news. She has received a lot of support from family and in the nursing home where she is staying. The doctor has stopped the low-salt diet and in her final phase of life she only eats what she wants and what she tastes good and that has an uplifting effect on Mom.

She is very tired and also very lame, after an hour of visit she falls asleep again and we let her rest. It's hard not to be able to visit her together right now. Because of the corona rules,. 1 visitor per day is allowed. We take it one day at a time and make as many pleasant moments as possible before we have to say goodbye to each other for the last time.

I take a look at Yoors and see that they are working very hard on Yoors both by the Yoors team and by the members of Yoors themselves. Everywhere I see beautiful blogs appearing about Yoors and valuable feedback. That promises something for the future! I am very curious about the developments that will come. But for now, I'll take a look from the sidelines.

Last week I started my anti-depressants and I suffer from headaches and seem to suffer from something similar to hot flashes. But those are side effects I've been warned about and they would disappear again.. At the moment I am very happy that I was able to start my guidance in the GGZ. Weekly conversations continue as much as possible even though Mom is now my first priority. But it is very nice to be able to talk about everything and the EMDR seems to be throwing off all its little fruit.

I'm sorry if I don't read every post and respond to everything Yoors is just too much, too complex at the moment, and I find it difficult to consent on much text.

Greetings, Mrs. Wood