Free writing Diaantjes, 25-02-2021

Tonight just take the time to place another 'free writing'. The previous 50 I had a different header, but that layout no longer fits well in the current size of the header option. So I've designed one of my own now and the background is also my own photo. Just put the keyboard of my laptop in the picture, blurred in the program Pizap and put my Bitmoji on it. I'm not going to number them anymore, but I'm going to put the date on it.. I say quite well so!

The last few days I have always given a brief update on how I am, but now a little longer and in the form of this 'free writing'.

Luckily things are going a lot better today with Diaantje and as a number of people have noticed, I also respond more to your posts. I haven't fully recovered yet, but I'm fortunately not so stuffy anymore today.. Especially that frightened me yesterday, because with a mother who became a very young heart patient, this played me off..

Luckily, the GP examined me extensively yesterday and he couldn't find anything. Been in for half an hour, but I probably got something from a flu. Luckily no corona!

I was asked here if it could have something to do with the transition, and I don't know. As far as age is concerned, of course, but have not yet found out. I hardly experience any of that, because I only had hot flashes for a very short time. So either I get little or no trouble from it, or it has yet to come....

At the moment I am mostly entertained by watching TV and have been a long way in 'The Good Doctor' on Videoland. I'm in Season 3 now, Episode 4. I went to watch this on TV at the time, but I missed something too often and at some point stopped watching. When I ran into it a while back on Videoland, I immediately put it in my watch list and had already started before I got sick. Now that I don't do much, I have a lot of time to watch this series. I find it a good series and the main role player Freddie Highmore, I find the role of autistic surgeon very well play. If you haven't seen this series yet, I can definitely recommend it.

The laptop I do not have very much on now, only to visit Yoors occasionally. I miss it a lot and so today I took the time to write this. I'll close the laptop after this, because too long is not good for my head. So any comments, I won't read until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I want to try and drive again, so I can do some errands. Let's see how I feel tomorrow, of course, because I want to get on the road safely. Today things are going a little better, so I want to assume that tomorrow will also be a little better. If it's different, I'll just keep myself very calm again and I won't drive a car.! I'm positively minded, so I'd like to think it's going to be okay.

I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday, because Monday is my roster free day. So I still have plenty of time to regain. In the unlikely event, I will stay at home.

I'm going to leave it here for today. So you guys are gonna see me again😊

Love Diane XXX