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Does Everyone Win Money On Wheel Of Fortune?

Yes, everyone who plays the Wheel of Fortune game wins something for sure. The exciting prize list of the Wheel of Fortune brings every user massive prizes like a $15,000 Rolex, Lottery Tickets, Amazon gift cards, Golden Tickets, Reward Points, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and much more.


To grab your prize from the Wheel of Fortune game, you should subscribe to the promotional emails from FreeBitco­.in. The process is fairly simple:

Open the latest Freebitco.­in promotional mailer in your mailbox
Scroll to the bottom of the mail to find your coupon for free spins
Click on the coupon
Solve the captcha to get the spin wheel
And start spinning your fortune

Is Wheel of Fortune Provably Fair?

The Wheel of Fortune game at FreeBitco­.in is provably fair. There is no way that the site can ever cheat you. It does not pick any favorable number. The numbers get picked by the system of FreeBitco­.in automatically.

Players can verify each result through the paytable provided in the game itself by the site. You only need to click on the info button available right beside the wheel. This pay table contains lucky numbers along with the prizes.

The system of FreeBitco­.in calculates each spin by the users with the help of three parameters. These three parameters are the server seed, the client seed, and the nonce. Users are provided with a SHA256 hash by the system before the spin, verified by the users after spinning the wheel.

How Can I Get Free Spins?

If you are a subscribed user of FreeBitco­.in promotional mailing list, then you need to keep an eye on your inbox for the promotional emails from FreeBitco­.in. Once you get the mail, you should scroll to the bottom, and there you will find a coupon that contains a free spin credit for you.

Using this free spin, you can play the Wheel of Fortune game and get the chance to win a Rolex worth $15,000. However, you also need to keep in mind that every free spin credit gets expired within 48 hours of receiving the promotional mail from FreeBitco­.in.

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