Friday afternoon drink - Online Yoors Café - Together - Beneficiary - Top supporter - Babita de Boer is beneficiary - 15-05-2020

Good afternoon, all of you, Good afternoon!

For English press the Select Language button. It's Friday afternoon again and that means that we have a full programme this afternoon with of course the Friday afternoon drink! With music and a nice snack. But first the following! Scroll under the picture!


Dear All,

First of all a few announcements before we start the Friday afternoon drink.

We are very pleased that we can also meet new people within Yoors, both from the Netherlands and all kinds of other countries. Very nice! As Yoors we would like to see that as many people as possible, your bloggers sign up via the hashtag #iamnewhere so that everyone can meet and follow each other immediately. This is a call from @Henkjan The Warrior to do all this.

So please help and see each other! Thanks! Click on the post here below to follow the tag!

yoors beneficiary

@Babita de Boer

@Babita de Boer a hardworking woman, a programmer within Yoors and the Yoorteam she is part of. A huge technical lady! Babita is our Bugsverlindster, our questionnaire if we want to report a bug. She came up with a nice button for Report a bug. You will find it on the right side of your dropout board in the list. And she tests and she tests and she tests and she tests all day long how Yoors can improve even more. Snippets, bugs, update such as the following updates!

In addition to all the technical is @Babita de Boer much more! She loves gaming, but also funny stories or pictures or pictures! And she has a thing for horses. I think the joke with the plastic horse head mask while cooking is still hilarious and genius!

@Babita de Boer is also very enthusiastic! She also encourages other people to be creative. As a result of my food photos, she asked me if I wanted to show more of them. She urged me to challenge myself even more and through her enthusiasm and encouragement I created the series #foodfun Thank you for that!

Thank you topsupporter!

@Babita de Boer Thank you for who you are! That you help us make the Yoors platform better and more beautiful. That you create funny moments here at Yoors and that you always faithfully appreciate my posts. SUPER! With this Yoors Beneficiary I would like to give you something back!


Come in at Yoors and visit the Online Yoors Café! Sign up here for FREE via the button below and you're right in! Welcome!