Friendship with a Yoorsian

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Through Yoors I learned @Encaustichris , also known as Christel πŸ˜‰

She writes great fun blogs and that's how I got to know her well.. On 23 February 2018 I met her for the first time during a VIP purchase night at the Shoebyshop in Hoofddorp. I was allowed to sell my creations there in favor of Stichting Roparun.

She also wrote a nice blog about that. We kept in touch and that's how our friendship came into being.

Christel is a real Yoorsian, because she writes beautiful blogs with all her own stories and photos. Sometimes serious blogs, sometimes blogs with a wink, but also blogs to really enjoy. She has a fine way of writing, which at least makes it easy for me to read. I skip heavy pieces, I can't concentrate well enough for that, but that is not necessary with Christel's blogs.. It's a pleasure to read Christel's blogs. The blogs are very diverse, but with a number of fixed topics and I will explain them below with some examples.

As most know, Christel is a bus driver and she has already made a lot of blogs about her work. Most under the heading 'meanwhile in the bus'. I only read the blog I share for the first time, because it was posted when I was not present on Yoors. He even made me feel, which is why I would like to name this one here.

Yet she also writes ridiculous stories about her work as a bus driver and a good example of that is this blog.

Besides her blogs about her work, she also writes very nice blogs about her passion Encausticart. She makes beautiful works of art with it and often rejoices Yoorsians. Always nice to get a card from her in the mailbox 😁

Another great passion of Christel are elephants. She wrote many blogs about it, but there is one that combines that passion with another hobby, namely puzzle! A hobby that works contagious by the way, because that's why I started to puzzle again πŸ˜‰

Christel always lets us enjoy her photography art, because she takes beautiful pictures is a fact! We can enjoy lots of flowers and plants, her elephants and everything that comes in her path. So a while ago something very special came in her path and then it's great that she lets us enjoy it too!

I can tell a lot more and show blogs, but I'd say look up her profile and read her proposal blog. Of course you have to follow her as well, because we will no doubt be able to see a lot of beauty from her. Blogs and photos of course, because Christel does not like to go on the picture himself πŸ˜‰

This post is dedicated to Encaustichris

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