Get in the bus!

#dagopvangdenostalgie Today is my day off. Do some things in my house, write on Yoors, and walk our Siebe. Answer some calls for Nostalgia, send some mail. And then the phone rings. Irm, the driver for this afternoon is sick and we can't find anyone else! Then I'll come anyway!! Our clients have to go home anyway! So, 3:30, I park my car in Nostalgie Square and walked in. I was allowed in the small bus. We have a big one and a small one, the big one is the wheelchair bus. But since I was free, I got the little one and it had the shortest route. I grabbed the key and took the bus and put it outside the door. One of our clients seemed to recognize me as his wife (I don't look like it). Oh there you are my sweetheart... “Come on, Charles, get on the bus,” I tried to distract him! “Did you sing nice songs today”? It was the wrong question because we don't do singing anymore because we can't do that anymore! At once Karel put in an unintelligible song! Quickly get the other clients on the bus and drive towards Mijdrecht! An hour later I parked the bus again in the square. The clients were home again. The big bus wasn't back yet. They had the big route! I love that with the clients. I have a very large garden says one, yes, I say that's right, I did have a flower out of it. And rhubarb!! Oh, yeah, I don't have the flowers and rhubarb anymore. No, it is not possible, it is December and too cold, I said then again!!
Tomorrow I can go again, but then I'm going to spend Christmas packages with our volunteers! Fancy in!!