Get married after knowing each other for one day.

"Teacher," heard the voice of Qi Miao, the gold crystal just came to his senses, just remembered that Qi Miao was still in the room, he just read Liu Zhenfeng, unexpectedly completely forgot him, turned his face and looked at him guiltily, his expression was a little complicated, his eyes were no longer clear blue, "teacher, I'm sorry." I want to tell him everything, no matter what, it's not fair to keep him in the dark, what qualifications do I have to enjoy his love with a good conscience now! I can't lick the wound I got from another man while enjoying his love without shame. What's the difference between doing so and Liu Zhenfeng, the bastard! It's too mean to do it yourself! "Crystal, don't move. You can rest first. If you have something to say, you can say it in a day." Don't say, please, don't say, just let me pretend I don't know anything! Crystal, a simple girl like you, even without words, her eyes have long revealed the secret of her heart. Can't I understand the deep love in your eyes-the love for Liu Zhenfeng? Can't I feel the deep guilt in your heart-the guilt for me! Just, don't say it, you know, don't say it! Once some words are spoken, I will never have a reason to see you again. Look at your appearance and listen to your voice. Don't do this,Heme Iron Polypeptide, can you?! If destined to love a person is so bitter, at least let me accompany you, accompany you to bear the same pain! Holding back the tears in her eyes, Qi Miao forced a smile on her and turned around and went out. Teacher! Sorry, really sorry, I thought I could, I thought I could control my heart, not to think about that person, not to care about that person,Thyroid Powder Factory, but no, until now I understand that it is impossible, the original heart to others, in any case can not be recovered! No wonder the empty chest is so painful! Crying down on the hospital bed, sobbing. Chapter 73 of the main text "Crystal, what's wrong with you? I heard that you were ill in hospital again. What's the matter with you? You used to be in good health!" After staying in the hospital for two days, I was really depressed, so I asked the doctor to leave the hospital. Fortunately, I was only infected with cold, lung inflammation was more serious, and there was nothing else. So the doctor told me a few more words and let me come back. Today is the third day, the third day of rest at home, or no spirit, cough cough very badly, feel the internal organs are turned over, the head is always dizzy, can not sit still, want to take a book to read, also dazed can not read. Qi Miao will come to see himself every day at noon, L Methylfolate Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, many times the words to the mouth, but there is no chance to say, but the better he is to himself, the more guilty he is, what is worth his efforts! Pu Xiaoxi and the third brother finally came back, listen to Xiaoxi's voice to know how happy the mood, how happy life, she is good, bitter sweet, their hell life has just begun! "Xiaoxi, you're back. I'm fine. I just caught a cold." I can recognize my own voice. I'm listless. Crystal, you have to be careful, do not know how you do, before is not like this! Oh, by the way, what happened to Liu Zhenfeng? I was shocked to see him today. Why is his face like this? Everyone in the company was surprised to death! He said it was a collision, but I don't think it's like Ah Hua. It's a beating. Who is it? Who in the end dares to beat him?! Don't you feel bored when you come back and talk endlessly? Gold crystal took the receiver far away from the ear, until there seemed to be no sound inside, and then took it back.
"Xiaoxi, you are so wordy. Don't my third brother think you are annoying?" "No, he thought I talked to him too little!" Pu Xiaoxi a face of happiness and sweetness, Gao Zhanhua is so tired of their own, a minute and a second are not willing to separate, they never know that the world really has endless words! Crystal, will you come out for dinner tomorrow night? The four of us together, okay? I also brought you a lot of things! Japanese clothes and cosmetics are really good! "Oh, no, I'm very dizzy and have a bad cough. Don't infect you." I don't want to see them. I'm half dead now. I don't want to see anyone. Besides, do you have dinner with Liu Zhenfeng? Whenever he comes home these days, he closes the door and hides in his room, and he never cares about himself, even if he asks, "Are you better today?" No, neither. Sure enough, he is a heartless guy! How could I sit at the same table with him again? Crystal, come out, come out for a walk, the disease will be better, always stuffy at home will be worse, OK? You can't walk. I'll pick you up tomorrow. By the way, I'll show you the new car Ah Hua bought for me! "Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi." Have not yet allowed themselves to refuse, there have already hung up the phone, this Pu Xiaoxi, do you have to use their own sweet to stimulate the pain of others! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zhenfeng, what happened to your face? It wasn't a hit. Tell me, who was it? Who did you have a fight with? Gao Zhanhua a pair of rubbing hands ready to move, this also got, good brother was beaten like this, how can he stand by! "Nothing, just hit, you don't bother!"! Let's go back to your office and deal with a lot of things. There's something wrong with Isetan again. Several batches of goods have been detected. The reaction outside is very bad. I'm going to be in trouble! "Huh?"? What's the problem? "Two perfumes were found to have exceeded the lead standard, and a batch of watches were found to be made of substandard materials." "No, they are all top-grade goods imported from France with original packaging. The local inspection is very strict. They will not be found out here. There must be something wrong!" "I know, too, but people outside don't know!"! You just go away, leave a lot of things behind, take my secretary,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and keep me busy, trying to track down without even a helper. You know, now I have no one I can trust completely except you! 。