Vote for a post and give Yoorspoints

You can reward a post or reaction, with Yoorspoints.

On 16-03-2020, YLS was introduced. This post of @Babita the Farmer explains it:

Heart under a Yoorspost

Underneath every Yoorpost there is a heart. Therewith it's possible to:

  1. Vote
    By clicking once on a heart underneath a post, you give a vote to that certain post
    Every 24 hours you can vote again, on the same post.
  2. Give Yoorspoints
    By clicking once you give automatically 10 Yoorspoints to that certain post. Possible with own posts too.
    If you doubleclick on the heart, you can choose the amount of Yoorspoints you want to give. Only possible at posts from other Yoorsmembers.

Change the text

By clicking on a heart underneath your own post twice, you can adjust the text.
With that you could motivate the giver to change the amount of Yoorpoints to you.

Heart under a response of a Yoorsmember

Under each given response on Yoors, there is a also a heart to reward the response with YoorsPoints. Even if they're yours.

Must I give each post and/or comment some Yoorpoints?

No. That is entirely voluntary. As long as you don't click on a heart, you don't give that post or comment Yoorpoints.
If you click on it once, you give 10 Yoorpoints.
If you click on it twice, you decide the number yourself. That double click can also be done immediately. So theoretically you could give (for some reason) less than 10 points. You are free in that too.

As many times as you want!

Giving Yoorspoints through hearts is allowed as many times as you like. Provided you have a sufficient YP balance.

So you think later in the day, “Hm, I didn't give a few points for that one good post.” or “What, not trending? Hop, more Yp on top!” or whatever reason, then you can donate YP again, for the same post.

Upgrade balance

You can add your YP balance yourself in the bar menu:yoorshelpEN

In the menu, press this button:


A small screen is shown. Make a choice there:



By the way...

Wheather you click once or more: after that the heart will be shown red. So you'll know wheather or not you've allready rewarded that post or comment. But again: it's allowed to do that (a lot) more than once.

When you give a heart for own post(s), it'll be added to a pool-amount of one hashtag (The first used I guess.)