Gouda definitely a delicious region

#bestevangouda I certainly didn't know what to write in this pool.. Would it be about cheese? ... that was the first thing that came to mind, later I realized that it was a city in the Netherlands and finally I told it to cheese, I realized that the cheese that I like so much owes its name to this city and voalá... everything seemed to be right..
The place where Gouda now stands was around the year 1000 a marshy terrain dotted with streams such as the Guuwe. Along the banks of the Gouwe, peat mining began in the 11th and 12th centuries, especially where the market and town hall are located today. In 1143 the name Gouda is first mentioned, this made me think about the number of years of history this city has, so recognized in Europe and of which we know so little in Venezuela, but we love its cheese, very appreciated among us.
The origin of Gouda cheese dates back to the 16th century in the Netherlands, the exact region where production began is unknown, but it is attributed to the city of Gouda, very close to Rotterdam. It has long monopolized the country's cheese industry, making it the most famous and recognized cheese in the Netherlands.. I was able to investigate the following: “Gouda cheese has a designation of origin since 1996. It is very varied in shapes and sizes, although the traditional flat is cylindrical shape, in most presentations brine is added to form a hard and dry crust, otherwise it is covered with wax or plastic. It is recommended to consume it after at least 5 weeks of maturation. "
As far as I can specify, this is a beautiful region that has been giving the best of its crops and qualities to the Netherlands and Europe for years.