Grandma's treasure chest.

I enjoyed 2 of my grandchildren today. The oldest (9 years) had to make a surprise for school today for the first time, so we first spent an hour crafting. Because we are getting less and less with decorations at Christmas, we thought, that the kids might want something. Grandpa brought down two curver boxes with Christmas stuff.

Well... it was a real treasure chest, the kids kept looking for fun things.

Eventually there was 1 curverbox filled with “treasures”.

But most of all I liked the treasures of my grandson. (4 years).

1 a stone bird

2 a stick (can he make a cat toy out of it)

3 a small stone male of 1.5 cm

4 3 small Christmas bells

He had them in his hands and wouldn't let them go, because they were really his <3 <3 <3 <3


A child's hand is quickly filled

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