I've changed, I feel it to myself. There's a great grief in me. Since 1 1/2 years my brother doesn't want to contact. And why, I have no idea! He didn't respond when I called him that our dog had died, nor did he respond to the app. I kept calling and calling, no response. I send tickets, how much I love him and how important he is to me.. no response.
Not on my birthday, not with New Year's Eve, because we used to call each other when we weren't together.
I am the oldest of the family of 4. I squint 8 years with my little brother, who is the youngest. I did everything with him, I took him to the kindergarten, I went to swimming class with him, I always had to watch out, he went with me on the back of the bike, if we went cycling.. We were very fond of each other.

And now this.... I don't understand anything, but I'm really sad. I miss him so much!!