The luminous box

Merlin is home alone for the first time.
His parents think he's old and wise enough for that.
So far, he's never done anything secretly.

Mom and Dad are driving down the driveway in their Volvo station wagon.
The dog is also with them. Just wave and they left.

Out of boredom, Merlin goes poking around the attic.
He does that often.
The chains that dangled there he never dared to touch.
What if they're magic chains?
It hasn't come to ask yet.

While he takes a closer look at some of the things on the shelves, he wants to get upright and comes with his head against the chains. They rang.
Now he's a little scared. Then they hang still again. Luckily, nothing happened.

He went on to the next shelves, on the other side of the room.
He didn't take into account the sturdy wooden beam hanging over his head.
So blasts into it at full speed.
He's dizzy, and he passed out for a moment.

When he came to positives, it turns out he accidentally snatched all sorts of stuff off the shelf during his fall.
Dasty, he looks around him. When his gaze sharpens, he sees a box.
It's like a tiny treasure chest.
Light shines through the keyhole.
He looks good again. Imagination. No light to see.

He decides to leave the place and go downstairs. But when he gets up, he's dizzy.
It seems better to sit down for a while.
Suddenly the box gives light. Had he not imagined it?

But how does he get it open?
Apparently, it takes a key. And where is that key?
Then he sees it. The key dangles between the chains, which are in motion again...
How could that be? They hung still, right?

His curiosity overcomes the fear and so he takes the key.
The box lights up again. Quickly he stuck the key in the hole. Great! That fits!
When he opens the lid, he hears, “Merlin! We're home again! Are you in the attic?”
“Merlin?” “Merlin?”
Then he wakes up. Ma sees a huge bump on his head.
“Boy anyway! You bumped and you've been lying here unconscious all this time!”
“Huh? The necklace... the box...” “What are you talking about?”
His dad, “Do you mean these chains? They're from my great-grandmother and go from generation to generation. I'm very economical about that, so I'd rather you stay away from it.”

“But the box gave light??” “No, dear, there are no luminous boxes here. It was just a dream.”

That night Merlin's hard to sleep.
His bedroom door is open and he sees the hatch to the attic.
That's where light comes from. Just like the light the box gave.
“See,” he thought to himself. “There is something there! When I'm home alone again, I'll take another look!”