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My journey to financial freedom - day 27 ( Icenter Lite bot )

My journey to financial freedom - day 27 ( Icenter Lite bot )

Hi everyone! I'm back with another blog about my Litecoin bot. I will be sharing some exiting new updates and pictures for today. I have also set some goals for myself!

First off, let's start with an overview of where I'm at right now with the bot. 

In yesterday's blog you read that I was going to try to hit 2LTC total investment by my 30th day with the both. That's by the end of thursday.

The next (10th) re-investment was foreseen for tomorrow. My team decided otherwise. I was out for food when I got another 'ping' from my phone. I looked at the screen. Baffled. I had gotten 2 commissions, pushing me straight to 0.12 LTC. I didn't have to wait 2more days for that 10th reinvestment. I was able to do it right away.

Right now, I'm getting 40 payments a day. Does that make me happy? Yes. Yes it does.

Goals keep me going!

Like every bussiness, you need to set goals for yourself. I decided to do the same and I divided my goals into 3 different categories. 

1. Goal of the month

2. Goal of the year

3. Personal goal

The first goal is already set. 

In order to have 0.1 LTC per day, a total of 7.2 LTC is required. My goal is simple. Get that 7.2 LTC before the first investment is done. That means I have 72 days left, in which I need to gather 5.5 LTC. That's about 0.07 LTC per day.  I will get there. That much I'm sure.

The other 2 goals are partially set, but I'll ponder a little more over them. 

My first video, sharing my personal experiences !

Over here you can find a little video, where I'm sharing my personal review on Icenter and there Litebot.

Bear with me for any grammar mistakes - I'm not a native speaker + this is my first video ever! :-)

As usual, I will keep you guys updated on how things go. I hope you're enjoying these diary (daily) blogs and finding some courage to get started as well. The only way is up!!