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My journey to financial freedom - day 28 (Icenter Lite bot)

My journey to financial freedom - day 28 (Icenter Lite bot)

Hi guys, welcome back to my 3th blog, about my journey with the Icenter Litecoin bot! Today is day 28 on this amazing journey, and I'm reaching one goal after the other!

In yesterday's blog you could about my next goal. I explained how I wanted to reach 2 LTC of total investment by the time I was 30 days in this.

Guess what. It's day 28 and I got 2.21 LTC right now. LITE WHUUT !!??

Proof? Sure, just look at the right ->

It's true guys, I'm on a highspeed train to a better future. I can't stress this enough, but I love this programm. I love it's simplicity, it's speed, the company's transparancy.

My team of only 20 people are rocking it and together we are on our way to a better future. The sky is the limit with Icenter :-)

Having reinvested 2 times yesterday, I felt really blessed to start my day with yet another reinvestment.

I decided I should put out a new goal for myself. Seen as it's going so well, I have to try and 'push' myself just a little bit.

My new goal for the first month -> reaching 3 LTC by the time I'm 30 days in.

That means I will keep reinvesting untill thursday (08/03/2018) evening, and whatever amount I'm short for reaching 3 LTC, I will put in myself. :-)

My daily blogs aren't that long, but I truly hope you guys like this transparant 'open book' diary.

Have a nice day!