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My journey to financial freedom - day 30,31 en 32 (Icenter Lite bot)

My journey to financial freedom - day 30,31 en 32 (Icenter Lite bot)

Alright guys, here is another update on my Litecoin bot from Icenter! I'm sorry I didn't give you an update earlier, but it has been a crazy busy time, with my phone buzzing non-stop. Don't get me wrong, I love it.... Who wouldn't want to get paid multiple times per hour, right?

Alright let's dive right in to answer that first question. Did I reach my 30 day goal? ...... YES !!

I got to 3 LTC just in time, and right now I'm already at 3.2 LTC. It's going great guys and I'm so hooked to my phone right now, you can't even imagine haha.

The Facebook group is also truly amazing. I'm joining in on their 3th Raffle, where I can win 1.5 or 1 LTC, so keep those fingers crossed!

Right now I have 19 investments running, which means I get 76 payments per day ( 4 per investment).

Only invested 5hours ago and I already got 0.01LTC again in my balance :-)

New goal!!

Yes, I got my new goal in place! By the time I'm 60 days in, I want to reach the sweet point of no return: 7.2 Litecoin!

That would be by the 5th of April. Who knows, if my team keeps rocking it like they are right now, I might see 7 Litecoin on my balance by the end of the month even! *EXITED*

Well guys, talk to you later!



Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)