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My journey to financial freedom - day 33 & 34 ( Icenter Lite bot )

My journey to financial freedom - day 33 & 34 ( Icenter Lite bot )

Hi everyone, I'm back with another diary page, in which you can follow my way to the top ;-) Yesterday was really busy, so I am now writing this at 7AM in the morning ( on the 34th day ), because I felt that I wouldn't have time to do it anytime soon. So ... here we go!

Icenter launched the Ethereum bot yesterday. That means I have 'divide and conquer' now. I can't put all my money in the Litecoin bot anymore.

I invested 0.1 ETH in the Ethereum bot right now (very exited, I will update you on that too - definitely) and right now, I'm just going to let the LTC bot grow on it's own I think. I'm going to give it one last push, so it tips over to 3.5 LTC total investments - that way I'm halfway for the 7.2 LTC as that's my first main goal to achieve as fast as possible :-)

I hope to see 5.5 LTC by the end of the month - that's still 19 days to go.  At first I was aiming for 7 LTC, but that's a little bit crazy. 6LTC might actually work if I manage to reinvest every day ( thanks to my team ). 

My 0.1 ETH investment just arrived in the bot, only minutes after I purchased it. I love how fast these little bots work! :-)

Very exited to see my first payment coming in after 6 hours ;-)

As always, I'm keeping you up to date, as best as I can, so you have a good idea of what Icenter represents and how much I love this company. I'm sure I wouldn't want to live without them anymore :-)



Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)