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My journey to financial freedom - day 35 - 40 ( Icenter Lite & ETH bot )

My journey to financial freedom - day 35 - 40 ( Icenter Lite & ETH bot )

The first 40 days have past and I'm blown away by the opportunities this bot is giving me. Each day I earn about 0.1 Litecoin, thanks to my small, yet amazing, team! Let's see which results I have gotten these past few days...

First of all, I want to point out that it is AMAZING when you go to sleep at 22:00 and wake up at 7:30 with 40payments on your phone - solely from the Litecoin bot. You can see some proof of that on the right.

THAT'S RIGHT, I make money while I sleep ;-)

Right now I got 25 investments running and the 26th waiting just around the corner. That means I get paid 100times per day, only for Litecoin right now.

My Ethereum bot is doing good as well, but doesn't go this fast - which is ok, because I only started it a few days ago. 

Currently I got 2 investments running in the ETH bot, paying me 8x per day, for a total of 0.00182 ETH per day. Granted, it takes about 16days before I can reinvest again at this rate, so it is slow. Right now, Im halfway there, because I have some people of the team in this bot as well.

The Litecoin bot will always be my favorite though. I'm guessing that's normal since it's the one I started out with and I've put alot of my effort and time/money into it. Watching it grow every day gives me great joy :-) I also have a good feeling about Litecoin itself and all its future endeavors. 

First of all - let me just pause at this picture and give myself a little pat on the back. Because, I can no longer get my investments on 1 picture. There are just to many :-D

Without further ado, here it is, my total after 40 days:

-> Balans + total investment = 4.38 Litecoin

That is huge. With the end of the month still 13 days away, and the Litecoin price this low, I might actually be able to reach my desired goal of 7.2 LTC. It all depends on the team and wether I'll be able to invest a little more.  

The question I'm asking myself though - If I reach that 7.2 LTC, what will I do next? Initially I was going to take out 40% and reinvest 60% so it keeps growing. But.. I got to admit, it is tempting to hit the 'reinvest' button and keep it growing larger every day. 

I mean it is true, I can't look into the future and I don't know if Icenter will be around forever ( although we all share that dream ) - that's why I always tell myself 'make sure your seed money is out, you never know' . 

BUT.... when I keep reinvesting ( non stop ) I will hit 28 LTC after another 2 months (with the team) and from there on, that 72 LTC is only one month away. So.. what if, I keep reinvesting - and Icenter stays strong... And I may be looking at a return of 1LTC per day, by the time summer starts. That sure sounds like a dream to me :-) 

Big Hugs,


Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)

waar staat 1 litecoin ook alweer gelijk aan ongeveer? vind het allemaal wel interessant maar snap soms toch niet helemaal alles haha.
18-03-2018 19:28
18-03-2018 19:28 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Momenteel is dat 120euro ongeveer - maar alle munten zitten nu op een laagpunt
18-03-2018 20:30
18-03-2018 20:30 • Reageer