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My journey to financial freedom - day 45 - 46 (Icenter Lite bot)

My journey to financial freedom - day 45 - 46 (Icenter Lite bot)

Hi everyone! Another small update on my Icenter bots and the ongoing adventure :-) Icenter is going strong, after 8.5 months and me and my time are doing really great with this opportunity ;-)

As you can see - I'm still at the same total investment amount as 2 days ago. As I explained in my last blog - I will be taking out some funds until tomorrow. I want to be able to pay for some other online opportunities I want to start with as well :-)

Starting from monday, all the earnings will be reinvested again. That means I will be reaching that 5 LTC soon ;-)

My team has also grown to a spectacular group of 58! Im very proud of that :-)

By the time my first investment is falling off, I should have a total investment of 10 Litecoin <3 * EXITED *

Goals for the future

Since I have taken out all of my initial investments right now ( and more ) I will be doing some hardcore reinvesting, starting on monday. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to reach 7.2 LTC within 2 weeks.

I still focus on growing my ETH bot as well - but I took all my profit ( and more ) out of it first. Starting from monday I will also start reinvesting again.

As always I keep you guys up to date, but I'm getting closer to my 2 month anniversary with Icenter and I can say I truly love this company and their support!



Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)