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My journey to financial freedom - day 49 - 56(Icenter Lite bot)

My journey to financial freedom - day 49 - 56(Icenter Lite bot)

Hi peeps! Guess who's back.. that's right! The flu got a hold on me for a few days, so I was kinda silent because of that. Luckily, my Litecoin bot kept on working, even when I couldn't. Here are my results from the past week.

Alright so let's dive in right away. The past days were quite good for me. I have been able to reinvest every single day and there were even days where I was  able to reinvest 3 times!

My team is going like crazy, I love them!

As you can see here, my total investment is at 5.76 Litecoin right now.

RIGHT NOW I'm doubting about what I should do with that. You see, I got 0.17 in my balance and another 1.36 stacked in Binance. I'm doubting whether or not to reinvest those amounts.

The reason I'm doubting is because I want to use the money to paint my VW van, Reynaerde. At the current value, I would need about 5 - 6 Litecoin to get him painted, at the end of May. 

Honestly, I want to be able to get both done. 

I want to reach that 7.2 Litecoin ( actually, I want to reach 10 LTC, 28 LTC and 72 LTC, but yeah... GOTTA START SOMEWHERE) ........ Anywho. 

-> What IF I could reach 7.2 LTC AND bank out 5 LTC all in 6 weeks? Would that at all be possible?

Let's do the math here.

Re-investing all I have right now would give me a total investment of : 7.3 Litecoin

Daily profit from that + commissions : +/- 0.15 LTC

x 6 weeks = 6.3 Litecoin

So, in short. I would be able to take out all I need to get my VW bus done AND I would have reached the sweetpoint of 7.2 Litecoin... 

It would be a small risk, because I have no idea whether Icenter will still be here in a few weeks from now. ( I truly hope it will be! ) In about 10 days time, I would have that 1.5 LTC back but still... it's creepy :-)

I will ponder over it some more and try to decide wether or not I'm going to reinvest it soon - or not. Will see :-) 

As always - I will keep you guys up to date. Thank you for following my cryptoblog, peace out!


Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)