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My journey to financial freedom - day 77- 89 ( Icenter Lite & ETH bot )

My journey to financial freedom - day 77- 89 ( Icenter Lite & ETH bot )

What up my crypto gang! Hope you all have been enjoying the rise the past couple of days. I sure did anyway ! I'm very sorry for being this quiet the past days, but I got a lot of stuff on my mind. Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum bot are all working as should be. Loving every minute where I get that *pling* message from my Telegram app, telling me I earned money... Again :-D

So. 89 days... That means that soon my first investment will be dropping off. I gotta admit, that's gonna hurt. 

I've been taking out quite a lot recently, because I still want to get my VW bus painted and all that. 

One thing is for sure though: I am NOT taking out any money from my ETH bot and as soon as that first investment is dropping off from my LTC bot, I quit taking out money.

Jup that's it. I'm taking this baby to the moon. 

Apart from the fact that I have these bots ( and some other stuff ) running smoothly now, I decided to go ALL IN with my savings and I bought about 14 LTC and 1.2 ETH. They are still safe and sound, locked in my wallets, but I got to admit... The temptation of investing it all ... it's big. Gotta resist it though :-) 

Well. That's it for now guys. Like I said, will be withdrawing daily now for the next 10 days or so, and then I'm back in the game with reinvesting all the way. Hope to hit that 14.4 LTC target soon!



Income disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future profits. I'm not a financial adviser - I only share my personal experiences and goals :-)

Ben dankzij jou ook ingestapt en er erg blij mee!
04-06-2018 07:20
04-06-2018 07:20
Ingrid Tips en meer
I wish you good luck. (Verstandig, die blauwe tekst erbij.)
31-05-2018 15:20
31-05-2018 15:20 • 1 reactie
Dankje. Het gaat elke week beter 👍
04-06-2018 07:09
04-06-2018 07:09
fijn om te horen dat het lekker loopt allemaal. Ik zit nu op rest 40 days ik stuur nog even een pb met wat vragen omdat ik een leek ben en me weinig wil bezighouden buiten de basis de bedoeling is dat ik meteen weer wil her investeren. gr. Quint
14-05-2018 09:13
14-05-2018 09:13 • 1 reactie
Je weet me te vinden hé ;-)
14-05-2018 13:50
14-05-2018 13:50
Al uw spaargeld investeren, lijkt mij toch een gevaarlijke zaak.
08-05-2018 10:26
08-05-2018 10:26 • 1 reactie
Het is niet 'geinvesteerd', het staat nu gewoon in crypto vorm in mijn rekening :)
08-05-2018 17:27
08-05-2018 17:27
Dat gaat goed zo.
06-05-2018 20:06
06-05-2018 20:06
Aha je zoekt nog steeds heil hierin.Hoe zijn de verkoopcijfers van Zora?
06-05-2018 18:20
06-05-2018 18:20 • 1 reactie
Mijn heil zoeken.. klinkt zo negatief ;-)  Zora Mythe is op 'n paar exemplaren na helemaal verkocht! 
08-05-2018 08:11
08-05-2018 08:11 • 1 reactie