How do I work Pinterest

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Three days ago, I wrote the blog How to use Pinterest in which you could see and read that I created a business account for Yoors Superpromote Team two weeks ago. There I shared at least 100 Yoors blogs a day, sometimes 200 in a day, but on average between 100 and 150.


three days ago: 3 followers - 3 next/ 172 views per month
two days ago: 3 followers - 3 next/ 227 views per month ( increase in 55 )
a day ago: 3 followers - 3 next/ 319 views per month ( increase in 92 )

So this is three days. Think if you do this structurally every day, those 100 to 150 pins, what traffic does for you and the other in terms of incremental views. I pin three times a day. Morning, afternoon and evening.

So followers don't matter is my conclusion.
It's purely about the views, the traffic, which is just walking up.

What do I do?

You have your own post or someone else's post, I do both because on Yoors we help each other and all you have to do is press the share button at the bottom of the post and you'll get a screen with social media and you choose: share on Pinterest. That's it.
Have fun and success!

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