How to get started as a new Yoorsmember?

As a new Yoorsmember, you might wonder what is possible. After some snooping around, some have mastered it quite quickly. However, this does not apply to everyone. This manual is intended for those who think: “Yes, and now? How does it all work here on Yoors?”
Therefor I created this post:   

Provided you don't have to do anything on Yoors. So to speak, you could passively be around here. Enjoy the stories and learn from the posts on Yoors. Or do one or more suggestions of these:

First Suggestion: Introduce yourself

Write a short post and use hashtag "iamnewhere". Further info: 

Second Suggestion: Follow other members

When you use the first suggestion, there's a big chance that other members will welcome you in a comment.
When you click on #iamnewhere you'll discover other new members. And you might wanna welcome them too.
By clicking on the name of a yoorsmember, his or her profile opens. There is a follow button. More info:

Third Suggestion: Comment on posts

Browse the blogs on the main page of Yoors, view them and respond to them. In case of a comment, your blog name will be visible and it will probably be clicked on. Someone might respond to your response. That could be the creator of the post or someone else who read your comment.
On the main page, in the menu bar you will see an envelope. That's where you can see if you have responses (and if someone sent you a Direct Message).
You can optionally respond to that. More information:

Fourth suggestion: Create a post

You can place anything on Yoors. See this article:

Fifth suggestion: Share posts that appeal to you

Now that you're a Yoorsmember, you can earn Yoorspoints by sharing posts. Read here how it works:

Welcome at Yoors and good luck!

By the way, the founder of this platform wrote this:


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