How far do you go to make money? (Pretty long free writing!)

Everything that gives you attention is growing...

A true saying, so maybe I should not write this post at all, and yet I do it.

I've been thinking about it for a long time, because I don't want this to be a negative post about Yoors, the platform where I found my spot in the last four years.

Yoors: a platform with a beautiful approach: you create good content, and you will be rewarded for it!

Unlike (almost) all other platforms, apps and websites: Yoors gives!

Yoors gives fun, facts, creativity, contacts, insights.

And money...

And that money, that's what I want to talk to you about!

Money makes the world go round, of course: everyone needs money.

Without money, it's gonna be hard to live.

But that money also has the danger to Yoors.

Time and time again I notice that people appear on Yoors coming for the money.

Now you can say that the emphasis on the recruitment of new members is too much, or has been on earning money, so that it is your own fault, but I do not think that is entirely justified.

The starting point of Yoors has always been clear:

You deliver unique content, and Yoors rewards you for it.

In this case, Yoors is the entire platform. The biggest investor is undoubtedly Henkjan, founder and owner of Yoors. And although Henkjan has said many times that we do not have to thank him, I would like to do so again. Because Yoors has brought me so much!

Creativity: knowledge, friendships, and yes, money too.

I will honestly say that I was also triggered to join Yoors, more than four years ago, when I read an invitation saying I could earn from my blogs!

But from the beginning the pleasure of blogging has been at the top of me.

And that's how it should be!

By making blogs, showing my encaustic work, stories, and photos I earn on Yoors. And yes, I have nothing to complain about my merits. And I'm grateful for every penny I get paid!

And perhaps most importantly, I have fun blogging, and I write about things that I know, or what I've been looking into.. I'm not going to write a blog about something I only read about on Google, with corresponding Googled photos.

That is not the intention of Yoors, and, worse, that's what you're doing!

I place this piece in the pole “greed", a pole Henkjan made after a suggestion from me.

I wondered and wondered, how far do people go for money?

Where is the line in front of you, when you can make money?

Are you doing a job for someone you're paid for?

Do you participate in surveys to be rewarded for that?

Do you participate in savings programs?

Is the limit to making blogs because there is a (big) booster on it?

Is the limit to making appointments with friends to reward each other in order to get the daily profit?

I've been noticing the last few days that there are people here on this platform who come here for the money, who eagerly want to collect a lot of YP.

I understand perfectly well that money is needed for everyone.

And yes, the world is unfair sometimes: the grass always seems greener across the street.

Because in the Netherlands there is a lot of money to be made, in the Netherlands people are rich.... According to Google!

For those who feel appealed to...

Are you someone who only makes blogs in pools with (high) boosters, without using unique content, your own?

Do you only respond to blogs with boosters?

Too bad! You break it for yourself, and for many others, please realize that.

I'm not going to speak to anyone in person anymore. You know who you are, who you are.

I am happy with the ignore button, which I will use frequently soon.

But I still hope that you will behave differently, as intended here on Yoors.

Keep it fun for everyone,


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