How I deal with Fashion and Clothing - Buy, Wash and Maintenance

Buying at a thrift store has many advantages. It is not only better for the environment, but also interesting for your wallet and with a bit of luck, you will score a real #fashion item.
Also for the purchase of children's clothes are enough durable and inexpensive options:
You keep your wardrobe nice, clear and neat by unstuffing. If you have less, and only keep the pieces that make you feel really nice, beautiful and happy in, you are automatically more inclined to take good care of your clothes.
By treating your clothes properly, you can not only save a lot of money and relieve the environment, but your beautiful garments will stay beautiful for much longer. So it's important not to put clothes in the washing machine too often. Some clothes can be refreshed on a pendant in front of the open window, or hang them in the bathroom when you take a shower, for a light steam. This saves energy and water because you do not have to wash, and your clothes suffer less from washing. If you wash clothes anyway, because you just need to do it every now and then, preferably wash as cold as possible and do not use chemical agents. For example, you can very easily make detergent yourself. Super cheap, a fragrance of your choice, perfect for allergies and better for the environment than chemical junk in plastic bottles.
And then comes the moment when you no longer wear your clothes, no longer fit or find no more beautiful. Then what do you do with it?
See if you can give away the clothes; this can be to a familiar person, you can give away clothes via Giveaway Groups on Facebook, or donate to a thrift store. Clothing that is very new or very beautiful you can try to sell, here are all kinds of channels for this, such as Marketplace. Is your clothes broken or very dirty? See if you can make polishing slaps out of it. In the extreme case, it can still be done in the textile recycling bin, at your local environmental street.