How's Diaantje?

This morning it didn't go well. I felt very blurred in my head again and after a short walk (10 minutes) with Joep, I got very stuffy and pressure on my chest. Sitting at home and it didn't go down well, decent heartbeat too, so I called the family doctor.

Fortunately, I could still go there today. My daughter would come by, and that was nice, because I don't dare drive a car myself. At 14.30, I had to be there and I went in for half an hour. The doctor examined me extensively and took tests, but unfortunately not much came out of it.. My oxygen content was a little too low, but not disturbing. So actually I still don't know what I'm bothering, well, what causes it!

The general practitioner has indicated that I should now be very alert to possible additional symptoms or changes. As soon as I find that things are not going well, I have to call right away. Also in the evening and/or next weekend.

Fortunately, I don't feel sick to death, but most of all it's the weird feeling in my head that bogs me. Concentrating is very difficult. I agreed with my employer that I will stay home this week and take it easy.. Monday is my day off, so I hope that by rest, I can work again Tuesday.

How much and how long I'm going to be online, I can't say, but I will definitely check out every day and as soon as the weather goes well, I will be online more and more often.

Thank you all for all the sweet messages, I'm going to answer some more messages. I am very good to read this and then I can only agree that Yoors is a nice group of people 💖

Love of Diaantje xxx