How To Choose Cannabis For Healthy Plants?

So, it is good news that you have decided to grow cannabis. One of the most important and earliest decisions you will make is what kind of seeds you must use. A good seed contains all the essential ingredients for a healthy, potent plant. It is time that you learn more about . Without complicating too much about it, let us dig in to know more.

Choosing cannabis – buy or grow

Seeds are only produced by the female cannabis plants once the male plant pollinated them. To grow your seeds at home, you will need the female plants that produce the seeds and the male plants to fertilize the female plant. It can be as simple as placing the male plant near the female plant you want to fertilize. Seeds will appear in about 4-6 weeks. We know it can be a complicated process, with uncertainty, and so many people choose to purchase feminized seeds instead.

Male vs female – how does it matter?

Weed seeds in CA can be either male or female, but most people only want to grow female seeds. Why? Because female plants produce buds. Most seed companies sell regulars, which contain male and female seeds. However, you will also find female Weed Seeds in Canada, referred to as feminized seeds. You will also observe that there is a big price difference between the two, but it is worth to spend the extra money to make sure that you are working with feminized seeds so that you do not waste your resources growing the male plants that do not offer any good harvest.

While you choose your weed seeds in CA, you need to see what kind of effect you’re looking for from the cannabis. There are two main categories – indica and sativa. Sativas produce creative and energetic feeling in the users and on the other hand, indica helps to reduce anxiety and inflammation but often leaves users feeling tired.

Spotting a healthy weed seed

All the healthy marijuana seeds are black, dark brown, or combination of both. We would recommend not to use green seeds. Green seeds usually are not mature enough to produce the kind of harvest you are looking for. Both the bigger and smaller seeds will work. Indica seeds tend to be bigger-sized than sativa seeds. Another way indica and sativa seeds differ is in their patterns. Seeds that are brown or black are most likely indica, while the seeds that are a single color are generally sativa.

It is time that you choose the best weed seeds in Canada based on the information given.
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