How to Deal With the Plastic Soup - 5 Tips

Environmentalists have been calling the ocean plastic soup for some time, and the average citizen is also becoming increasingly aware of all the plastic in the oceans. We'll take our own bag to the supermarket and buy a reusable Dopper . But there are other super-simple things you can do to avoid worsening the plastic soup. Five tips.

Firstly you don't get balloons in your house from now on, and you won't take them as a free give-away. They do not only harm to the environment, but also to the animals, which they eat or become entangled in the remains. Just don't, so. If you choose it, choose the biodegradable balloons of Life Without Waste . However, be aware that even these, before they are broken down, can cause harm to nature.

Secondly of course, say “no “to straws made of disposable plastic. You can purchase straws very easily Of sillicones , for example, which are washable and can be used many times. Or you choose straws made of stainless steel , if you like a slightly more luxurious look more beautiful. But they are also bamboo . Whatever you want, so as long as it's not disposable plastic!

Thirdly it is better not to buy clothes made of polyester, nylon or fleece, as they release micro-plastics to the washing water during washing. The production of clothing is already superpolluting, so at least choose (preferably second-hand) clothing without synthetic fabrics.

Fourthly , you can easily contribute by picking up litter, separating it properly at home and then offering it for recycling.

As fifth and final tip; shop consciously! Apart from skipping synthetic clothing, I always ask “whether it is allowed in paper” or I bring my own packaging with me. My baker now knows about my own bread bags, and the vegetable farmer also knows my fabric fruit and vegetable bags.