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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Without Jumping Into An Empty Pool?

In the comfort zone you will not find great obstacles nor will you need to look for new solutions, you are comfortable and out of danger.

Sounds good, right? The point is that if you don't pay enough attention to it, it can become a trap that keeps you stuck for a long time without moving on your way.

If what you are looking for is to grow personally and professionally, offer a better version of yourself every day, as well as discover the authentic potential that lies within you, in today's article you will find out how to get out of your comfort zone by maximizing your resources and running the least possible risk.

Let's go for it!

What is The Comfort zone?

“Comfort zone” could well refer to a place, but what I am actually talking about is those habits and customs that you carry out practically by inertia, without the need to think because your brain is comfortable doing what it already knows, what which unfolds without any problem.

It is an evolutionary tendency that the human being has developed for survival. The brain is designed to keep you alive above all else, regardless of whether or not you can fulfill yourself as a person. You know that until now you have survived doing what you already do and any change can be a risk.

In addition, you do not need to make any effort to stay where you are.

What more can you ask for?



The Comfort Zone Trap

The problem is that some of these habits may be the cause of unsatisfactory results in certain areas of your life, and therefore also of your frustrations.

When it comes to habits, it is easy to fall into the trap and let days, months go by... and by the time you realize it, many years have passed.

That is why it is important to be vigilant.

What Can You Find Outside?

Any personal or professional improvement that you want to make will be outside the comfort zone to a greater or lesser extent and will inevitably be part of the journey.

If you knew everything you need to do what you want, it wouldn't be awkward or a problem... you'd just do it and that's it! you would already have it!

The question is how you want to meet this challenge. You may not like unwrapping gifts, but you do want to enjoy them.

The good news is that with a little knowledge it will be much easier for you to obtain the benefits that are on the other side. Keep reading. 😉

Why Is It Difficult for Us to Get Out of Our Comfort Zone?

Behind every goal, whether big or small, there is always a hidden learning process.

Of course, there are learnings that your brain goes through with relative ease and are not an inconvenience, but there are also others that for one reason or another are more difficult. This last option can be perceived as an effort and a risk that you are not willing to take and that generates resistance. At least for now.



Every Time You Cross a Limit, You GROW

It is possible that leaving the comfort zone is related to losing what you already have, but on the contrary, what you will actually be doing is expanding your possibilities, acquiring new knowledge and experiences.

Stop for a moment, has it ever happened to you that you have learned something, and consequently, the next moment you have forgotten what you already knew?

With each barrier that you overcome, you are getting a little closer to that person that you would like to become, to that person that deep down you already are.

Freedom of Choice

To leave or not to leave the comfort zone is a matter of personal choice.

For me, if there is something important, it is to be comfortable with what one does or does not do, that is why today I would like to invite you to look inside with sincerity and if you wish, to undertake the journey at your own pace.

The 5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Comfort Zone Today

The clearer you are about the benefits that the change you want will bring you, the more motivated you will be and the easier it will be for you. Here are 5 powerful reasons to get out of your comfort zone.

1. Improve Your Well-Being and Quality of Life

We often get so caught up in our tasks, commitments, responsibilities, etc. that we forget about our own well-being. This is how important imbalances are generated that limit us and make us feel all kinds of frustrations, which are reflected in our health and also in our state of mind.

Taking care of your well-being implies changing ways of functioning and getting out of everyday life, yes, it will surely also be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and those around you.

What do you need to be well?
Physically, mentally and emotionally.
Where is that much-needed balance for you?

2. Bring Out Your True Potential

If you think about it, the universe is so big that there are few things that are basically in our hands, even so, surely there are many more than we can see at first glance.

That is our circle of influence, all the things that we can influence in one way or another, both inside and outside.

There, in the circle of influence, is precisely where the greatest of your superpowers is hidden: the ability to focus your attention and your energy on the things that you can change.

It is possible that at some point along the way we have forgotten that there are always things to learn and to become aware of, but it is never too late to return to it.

What do you want to create?



3. Take Control of Your Life

It is curious how easy it is for us to get carried away by the inertia of day-to-day, and unintentionally, walk for a long time with the autopilot on, without consciously deciding where we direct our steps.

But, what happens when you are not the one who decides where you direct your steps? who is doing it for you?

Undoubtedly it will be other people who are doing it, and if so, the results you will get are unlikely to be aligned with your priorities.

And it is that, although it is difficult for us to recognize it at first, we are the only ones responsible for consciously deciding what we invest our valuable time in, therefore, also for reaping the results that we have at this moment.

Please keep in mind that when I speak of responsibility I am not speaking of guilt, but of understanding how you have contributed to the circumstances that surround you today, and above all, ask yourself what you can do to improve them.

I am talking about gradually aligning your actions with your values ​​and priorities to live proactively instead of being reactive.

From here I invite you to make a reflection and if you are not doing it already, take the reins, take a step out of the comfortable zone and become the protagonist as soon as possible:

Everything you are today, or what you will be in the future, depends solely on you.” – Brian Tracey.

4. Overcome Your Own Limits

How far we think we are capable of going, or not, is perhaps what can limit us the most.

In fact, this vision of ourselves is what largely configures our expectations, and as is logical, it will depend on these to involve us more or less in an achievement, being able to put all our efforts, or on the contrary, we will give up before even starting.

It is important to understand that great challenges are far from your comfort zone, which is why they may be unattainable at first. You will need to divide them into smaller and smaller portions to transfer them to the day in a realistic and achievable way, thus gradually overcoming those limits that were really only in your head.

That is the key.

Set yourself small challenges on a daily basis, in those that you need to apply yourself, but be careful, making sure that you can achieve them without too much effort, reaching a success rate of more than 80% of the time.

Why? Very easy:

- Ensuring success in small actions and in short terms means having much more chances of success in the long term as well.
- Because when the challenge is small, your brain does not resist.
- When you go overcoming small limits, the big ones fade away and each time you see yourself capable of going further.

It is possible that when you start practicing your plans they are too optimistic and you need to rectify them, it is normal, the important thing is to keep in mind the importance of taking a small step every day.

Within a month you will have already taken 30 steps.

How far will you be able to go in 5 or 10 years?

Surely to places that right now seem unattainable.



5. Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreaming is important and I would dare to say that it is even necessary. Now, only by dreaming do things end up happening?

A dream only exists in your head until the moment you set it as a goal because a goal requires actions to achieve it and actions have enormous power to achieve things.

The moment you perform the first action, you are setting the gears in motion to materialize what until then only existed in your mind. It also happens to be on the physical plane, that is, it begins to be something real even though it has not yet fully materialized.

I am not talking about something unattainable, there are hundreds of examples out there that today live that life that they once imagined, and if it is not exactly that, one that is very close…

How is your life today and how would you like it to be?

What would you most like to achieve?

In your hands is the possibility of living it in the first person.

Causes that Prevent You From Taking Action

All human beings are born with enormous potential within us, each one with their own uniqueness, it is a pity that as we grow and adapt to the world around us we forget about it.

Below I show you the main causes that may be preventing you from taking action and some resources to overcome them.

1. Lack of Self-Confidence

The lack of self-confidence is usually given by:

- The fear of not being able.
- To fail.
- Let others see our mistakes and therefore our vulnerability. (Check out this TED talk on the subject.)

Nothing better to gain self-confidence than to look back and remember all those achievements, big and small, that you have achieved throughout your life. If you talk or walk today it is because one day you managed to do it, if you are reading this article it is because you learned to read, and so many more that you can feel proud of.

I encourage you to list 30 achievements you have made in your life and highlight one significant one among them.

Wasn't there perhaps one or more blunders behind that achievement?

And it is that failures are necessary to move forward, thanks to them we can evaluate our actions and understand where we need to improve something in order to achieve what we set out to do.

A failure is only such when you decide it is.

"I like my mistakes. I don't want to give up the delicious freedom to be wrong” – Groucho Marx.



2. Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are those ideas that you take for granted and that shapes your way of being in the world. They have been useful to you at some point and that is why you continue to maintain them, the point is that some no longer correspond to your current needs and that is why they limit you.

Normally we are not aware when a belief is limiting us and curiously, far from being open to change, we tend to cling to them as if our own identity depended on them.

Each person has a different interpretation of things and there is neither a good nor a bad one, but rather the one that empowers or limits us.

Why stick with just one way of looking at things when there are so many?

For the simple fact of spending many years (perhaps a lifetime) looking from one perspective, it does not mean that it is the only one, much less does it have to be the best. It is possible that there are other ways that are more effective for us, from which we are more at peace with ourselves, more connected with life and with the people around us.

It will depend on how you think about a circumstance so that you act in a certain way or another, consequently, your results will be different.

If the results you are getting are not satisfactory, changing your point of view can be of great help.

Take a deep breath… let go of old beliefs.

What are you taking for granted and could it also be otherwise?

What other interpretations might be useful to you?

3. Obstacles in The Way

Obstacles can become the perfect excuse to stay in your comfort zone. But if your inner voice is telling you that it is time to change things, it will surely be for something, staying where you are, I don't think it will solve itself.

Every obstacle you come across along the way is showing you that there is a lack.

That's why they are so uncomfortable!

But precisely for this reason, they are also so valuable, because in them you will find the information to know exactly what you need to learn.

Pure gold.

Instead of seeing them as the reason that prevents you from moving forward, you can turn them into challenges that motivate you to always go a little further.



Your 3-Step Action Plan to Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Getting out of the comfortable area means, after all, walking towards the unknown, sometimes giving us the feeling of jumping into the void. Given this reflection, keep in mind that things do not have to be black or white, there is a whole range of grays and colors that give rise to different options.

In the next section, I will tell you how to get out of your comfort zone without having to take unnecessary risks.

1. Risk as an Intrinsic Part of Life

Everything carries a certain risk.

Having something carries the risk of losing it. Being alive involves the risk of dying, it is part of life. But before we get dramatic, I can tell you that we are lucky enough to be able to decide to what extent we will risk ourselves against the actions that we are going to carry out, in this way we will also be able to find a healthy balance between the risk that we assume and the benefit that it will bring us.

That balance is the real engine for change.

2. Risk Assessment and Management

Any risk activity is based on its assessment and management in order to put in place the necessary means and minimize it. For this, it is essential to take some time to analyze in the most objective way possible the real risk that you assume.

- In the worst case, what can happen? Things do not have to be as serious as we think, let's use intelligence/wisdom in our favor.
- Is that risk real or is it the result of an overflowing imagination? When we talk about risk, imagination can turn a small problem into the end of the world, let's use it at the service of creativity to find solutions instead of focusing on imaginary problems.
- Is it likely to happen? Well, you have to contemplate the possibility of the "worst-case", of course. Now, if we do things carefully, we will most likely find ways and means to cushion any possible catastrophe. Then it would stop being a catastrophe and would become a simple failure with room for maneuver, from which we can learn and improve.
- How can I minimize it? This is where I wanted to get! It is not about making a mountain out of a grain of sand, nor about falling into paralysis by analysis, but about having a broad and realistic perspective that gives you ideas, many ideas, resources, action plans, different options, and a certain control of the situation.

3. If the Pool is Empty, Fill it Up!

The circumstances at the present moment are what they are, you can't think twice about it, it's something you can't change. What you can do is play the game as well as possible, with what you have, so that those circumstances begin to change.

Today, here and now is always the best time to start walking. When if not?

Being positive helps you fill the pool when you want to get out of your comfort zone.

If it turns out that the pool is empty, you may have to take care of filling it and it may take a little more time and energy, you may need to prepare a plan B. In any case, what is clear is that if you want something in your life, you are the only one in charge of making it happen.



We all want to improve our lives in some aspect, it is part of human nature. At the same time, every time we consider improving in a certain aspect, a gap opens between what we have and what we want.

It is there, in the distance that separates us from our goals, where we find the challenges that move us and, in the same way, also where fear and uncertainty sometimes arise.

In this aspect there is no infallible method, but what works in each case.

That's why this is a journey that necessarily has to be lived first-hand, testing and experimenting to determine what works and what doesn't, staying each day with the things that help you to be a better version of yourself.

In short, a continuous learning process that will enrich your personal and professional life. I hope that in this article you have discovered how to get out of your comfort zone and have found a lot of inspiration, above all, the desire to take action.

Sending you a hug!

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