How to make recycled pots!

Actually, this system can also be used with glass bottles, but plastic is preferable because it is much easier to work and not be dangerous if it breaks. Follow these steps to make a flower pot with a plastic bottle.

1) Grab your plastic bottle and cut it in half approximately, or a couple of centimeters above the midpoint. Help yourself with the scissors or cutter to remove any rim left in the section.

2) Put on the bottle its stopper, and make a small hole in the bottle stopper. You can use any sharp object as a screwdriver or even a pen. Pass a thread of some absorbent material like wool through this hole. This will help us to make the recycled planter self-regulating.

3) The bottom half of the bottle will be the base of the planter, while the top you need to turn it over, and fit it on the base, inside out. In this way, you can put the earth and your plants in the created container, and fill the water base. Thus, the wool yarn will absorb moisture and transmit it to the substrate at the rate that the plant needs.

4) Now paint and decorate your bottles as you like to make them a truly unique design!

Photography owned by @ecologia, all rights reserved.