How To Plan Your Next Trip While Remaining...

How To Plan Your Next Trip While Remaining Productive

Today, maybe you are experiencing a situation that makes you uncomfortable. A work, professional and personal panorama that is not at all similar to what you had always wanted, when, a few years ago, you imagined your future life.

Your current situation

Over time we all end up making the same mistakes. We move by sensations, and motivations, both intrinsic and extrinsic, which make us set some dreams, purposes, and goals. Life works like this. It's that easy.

All these series of events and decisions are marking our path. Therefore, we decided to train, and enrich ourselves in the field that most attracts us. To have a promising job future, find the personal satisfaction associated with it. And why not, the approval of others.

But you can't forget those dreams. Dreams that satisfy your innermost self. Your ego, and that they are the engine of everything you do. Or it should be.

Because with the passage of time, they fall into oblivion. You lose the north, you forget why you got up early every morning, why you worked hard every day, why you gave 200 percent of yourself and why you constantly fought.

Without realizing it, you put aside all those dreams that moved you and start doing things, simply by routine. When you want to realize, if you do, you are immersed in a maelstrom that consumes you.

And that's when something in your head clicks and you look for change.

Your dreams

 As I say, those dreams that moved you a long time ago, went into the background. The hectic pace of the world we live in has consumed you, and you haven't even realized it. When you finally do it, because you have already done it, you look for the solution in an accelerated way and without any precise plan.

So two things can happen. The first is that you abort again, and you resign yourself to continue on that wheel you entered a long time ago.

The second is that you find people who have already gone through the point where you are now. That's why you're here, that's why you're in this community. You want to start a business like other people, but you need to acquire productive strategies, habits, and routines to reconcile the life you want to flee from, with the life you want to aspire to.

In short, it is nothing more than leaving the life you have, for that life you dreamed of and that was the engine of everything you did. You simply let yourself go, and the path ended up going somewhere other than what you expected.

If you are here, it is because you have realized that your dreams are yours and no one has the right to steal them. You, me, and all of us deserve to give ourselves the opportunity to pursue our dreams. I also quit my office job to pursue mine. And for that, you have to put all the meat on the grill, to fight to make them come true.

And at this point, I want to talk to you briefly about mine, to put you in a situation. I do not seek great luxuries, nor live wasting, nor at the expense of others, I only seek freedom. The freedom to be able to organize my time to my liking and invest it in what truly makes me happy. In my case, travel and learn from other's cultures.

I am convinced that you have your own, that not all of them are based on your professional life. And that all the tools, strategies, and productive resources that you have at your disposal here will not serve you only for that purpose, but will be applicable to everything else.

Why do you always end up delaying that dream trip?

Let me put you in a situation. You have always dreamed of traveling, we all do. Surely you have a dream destination, either for a relaxing trip or for an adventure trip, as maybe my case.

But again, the routine we fall into, the day-to-day tasks, mean that this is relegated to the background.

Just like at work, it happens on trips. When objectives are not met, and action plans are not respected, because they are poorly designed, due to poor planning, or for whatever reason, they end up doomed to failure.

Making a dream trip come true is no different. It requires similar strategies and actions so that it does not fall on deaf ears.

Sometimes due to lack of time, lack of desire, and other times due to demotivation or lack of will, but you keep putting aside what you dream of, and what makes you happy.

Enjoying those moments is like experiencing small doses or previews of what you would like your life to be like. I'm not just talking about traveling, but about taking advantage of your free time, those days of disconnection.

The effort is always rewarded, and the sensations and emotions experienced when we achieve a goal intensify as the goal becomes more important. We all deserve to live those moments and enjoy what is ours. Our time.

How to be more productive and plan your own trip?

The purpose of the article, apart from giving you a little energy so you don't stop doing what you like the most, is to discover some tools, techniques, or resources that I put into practice to be more productive when planning my trips.

I do not allow myself the possibility of losing the opportunity to take advantage of my free time, for the simple fact of living in a stressful society. There are ways and means to be the owner of my decisions and my time. And if others do it, you can too.

Surely you are one of those people who propose changes and new purposes, to lead a healthier life, to improve your lifestyle, for whatever. But in the end, you always end up lacking willpower.

For this not to happen, you have to lay a good foundation, and start from a solid base. Obviously, we are not born knowing, but this can be worked on.

Tip #1: Set the purpose of your trip

Anyone likes traveling, but sometimes it requires an extra effort in preparation, planning, managing other tasks to be able to have that time, etc.

Just as we can work on willpower for daily life and increase our level of commitment, for a trip we can apply it in the same way.

We must set an objective or goal, the purpose of our trip. And it has to be achievable, measurable, and realistic. Sounds familiar to you, right?

In this way, we will gain the necessary motivation so that it gains the strength it deserves and occupies the important place it really has in your nearest future.

Tip #2: Share it with your closest environment

Sharing any objective, purpose, or goal with others gives you extra involvement on our part.

Stop to think about it. When we commit to something in front of others, we automatically assume a greater degree of commitment to it and it is easier for us to carry it out.

Set the purpose of your trip and a certain date, making it known to your closest circle so that it acquires a sufficient level of importance.

Now is the time to define that goal or project. In this case, your trip.

And you fall back into the abyss of your daily routine. As happens with the rest of the goals set in your work, the day passes and you reach the end of it seeing that those goals are just as far away.

You do not find the right time to move forward. You end up procrastinating. Making excuses that tomorrow, perhaps, will be a better day, you will be less tired, stressed, and saturated, and finally encourage yourself to do it.

Or worse yet, you may come home energized, enthusiastic, and with enough willpower to dedicate the rest of the day to shaping your next project.

However, it may not be enough to reach the goal. You may be falling into another big problem. Working without well-defined and clear objectives and spending hours and hours without achieving the expected results.

Tip #3: Create SMART goals

The fundamental step to reaching your purpose or goal before you get tired, burn out, and abandon it, is to create SMART goals. Totally extrapolated to your daily routine, to your professional life, and to any area of your private life.

Visualize your goal in its entirety, and begin to break it down into small tasks to move forward little by little but with a firm step. Follow the steps of this methodology, and the result will be surprising. Create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

Resuming your next trip, I put you in a situation.

Mark a goal with the necessary specificity. It is not worth saying that I want to go on a trip. Define where you want to travel, what you are looking for with that trip, and how much time you want to spend there.

It has to be attainable. The same as your dream trip to the Moon, but it escapes your possibilities, at least, for now 😛

Tip #4: Apply productive habits

Once the SMART objectives technique has been put into practice, it is time to close that first big step. The purchase of the ticket that ensures the date of departure. Because your trip already has a date marked on the calendar. And you have to fulfill it.

Also, remember, you have made a commitment to other people to make it happen!! And in the end, that translates into a commitment to oneself. You have given a firm purpose to your trip and you have shared it with the 4 winds.

We go to the next level. If you have made a good definition of your objectives, complying with the clearest steps of the methodology, you will avoid wasting long hours without advancing.

But you will face another problem. Even though you have clearly and specifically defined your goal or purpose, you are not applying some simple habits that will help you be more productive and get the most out of your actions.

Resuming the purchase of the ticket, now you will have decision-making ahead of you, and possibly, without applying some of those habits or marking an action plan, you will fall into the dreaded analysis paralysis.

Do you know it? Surely you feel identified with it in many situations in your life. Excessive information or intoxication will prevent you from progressing. A continuous search for better options, different possibilities, and alternative paths.

But better done than perfect.

Tip #5: Make an action plan

Establish a concrete action plan with deadlines. Establish a map and set the dates for certain actions. I give you an example:

•    Purchase the ticket that ensures the date of departure. It will be a relief and at the same time, a feeling of satisfaction, the one that invades you. You will know that there is no turning back. It will help you to follow the next steps with greater motivation.
•    Set the days on which you are going to look for what to visit and what to do.
•    Mark the day on which you will finish the search you are going to carry out and specify the route or activities of your trip.
•    Close or reserve the accommodation that you are going to enjoy on your trip.
•    Write down possible additional activities that can add a plus to your trip.
•    Use a checklist to write down everything you are going to take on your trip.
•    Set the organization of the event on the calendar, during the previous days, and everything you must take to prepare it with peace of mind.

Tip #6: Avoid multitasking

As it can happen to you in your workday or in the achievement of any other objective, try to avoid multitasking. We have the mistaken belief that doing many things at once will lead us to achieve them more quickly.

But it is quite the opposite. When we have focused on a specific activity, stopping and putting it back on another takes some time. Time in which we need to concentrate and get 100% focus on it again. In the end, it translates into delay and extra time to move forward.

Translated to planning your trip. You don't want to search for information on a thousand things at the same time. Break it down again into simple, concrete goals. One possibility could be by days, places, types of activities, or something like that.

If you are working on the search for information about a specific place, get to the bottom of the matter. And leave that part of your programming closed. Do not jump to another place, and to another, before finalizing everything necessary about the first thing you were looking for.

Tip #7: Work in blocks of time

Complement the previous point. That is, group your search into similar blocks and you will be more efficient.

When you are immersed in a task and have all your attention on it, it is easier to continue executing it.

If you are looking for accommodation, dedicate all your available time to this task, and do not abandon it until you have found all the accommodation you need. Or all the information you need to make your final decision later.

Tricks to make your next trip the experience of a lifetime

Regardless of your travel style, the advice I am going to give you will help you maximize your experience, awaken the magic of traveling and discover that by traveling you can get to know yourself better. Moreover, they will help you to extrapolate them and apply them to your daily life.

Trick #1: Travel slowly

Don't make the mistake of wanting to see too many things in too little time. Get out of your routine, disconnect, and leave the pressure at home. Enjoy your trip and forget about the clock. It does not matter how much more you see in a certain time, but rather, that you take advantage of it with intensity.

Trick #2: Get involved with local people

It is the best way to take advantage of the experience and get the most out of the place you visit. It does not matter if we are talking about a trip to India or a getaway to the beach.

The locals will always be able to discover places, corners worthy of admiration, that otherwise, perhaps you would not know. Either for its views, its history, its food, or its uniqueness, they will make a difference.

Trick #3: Leave room for improvisation

Do not lose your head wanting to have everything 100% controlled. Think that you are enjoying your time and that nothing and no one is going to question how you invest it. Enjoy the freedom to do things your way, at your own pace, and without pressure.

We are used to living under pressure continuously in our society. And I admit it, it's hard to get that vision out of our head. Just relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

I know from my own experience that we can apply certain reasoning, habits, and strategies to any field. And that way, get the most out of it.


Being the owner of your time is something that many long for, but few achieve. In recent months, I have learned that without training, the path is much more complicated. And that it can easily fall into abandonment.

Letting yourself be guided by people who are one step ahead is simply essential. Surrounding yourself with people who are in the same situation will be the plus you need.

It is a matter of analyzing, understanding, and extrapolating. Everything that applies in one field is applicable to any other.

Having willpower, finding the necessary motivation, creating good goals, and acquiring certain healthy and productive habits are the keys to achieving the lifestyle you want, regardless of your dreams and your goals.

Simply learn how and take them to your field. I am sure that the results will surprise you greatly. And most importantly, you will begin to believe that you can take control of your life, and see more closely what seemed impossible a while ago.

Now it's your turn

Do you plan your trips or do you leave everything to chance? Do you apply any of these tips and tricks?

Tell me in the comments 🙂

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