How to save a PDF that is on Yoors

For some time now it has been possible to create a pdf file upload to Yoors .
Sometimes it concerns a so-called printable. Or a document that you can print out. Then it will be convenient to store it.
For those who don't know how that goes, this post is intended.

What is a PDF?

PDF is short for “Portable document format”. Either portable document size.

On Yoors, thepdf opens automatically when you click it.

Here's how you can save a PDF that's on Yoors:

  1. Open thepdf file. (Recognizable by the book icon, if you hover it.)
  2. At the top right, click on the icon that shows a printer.
  3. A “Prepare Document” message appears. A beam fills up.
  4. A screen opens. By default, under “Output Device”, it says “Save as PDF”. (The arrow behind it offers other options.)
  5. Under “Orientation,” choose portrait or landscape orientation. On the left side of the screen you can see which area will be printed.
  6. By default, under “Pages”, “All” is selected. Click on the arrow behind it to choose the number of pages yourself.
  7. Click “Save”
  8. A screen with your storage location (s) opens. Give it a filename that is recognizable to you.
    “Save as” PDF is the only option.
  9. Click “Save”.

    How to open a saved PDF file?

    With the free version of the program Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view a PDF file.

See also attached video.

In this video, I have my post with half coloring page used as an example.
Although the video contains Dutch subtitles, the instructions will (I hope) be clear and the typed explanation in this post has been translated into English and Spanish.

Music chosen “Anodized” in Windows Video Editor.

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